G6 Dexcom user, using xdrip+

Can someone help me, I don’t know my sensor code for Dexcom. I was away from phone for too long and I keep getting sensor errors. I erased the application, and re-downloaded it. I know my transmitter #, but not the sensor code. Is there a way to bypass the sensor code? Also in the future if this happens, how can I get it start reading my transmitter again without erasing my app and all my data.

I apologize, I am very much not tech savvy. Any help or advice would be great.

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You can start G6 without using code.

Some people take picture of code when they start sensor. I keep the paper with code, and put in my meter case.

When you were away from phone for a while, maybe it lost bluetooth connection. So instead of uninstalling, just make sure the bluetooth is still working, or try to unpair, then pair again.

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Welcome to the forum! I’m doing the same as you; G6 with xDrip+.

Not that it helps much but the latest versions of xDrip+ will show the calibration code in right sweep/system status/G5[/]G6 status. As @MM2 says there is no need to enter the sensor code, but if you don’t you will probably need to calibrate it by entering a couple of BG readings over time; enter those readings from times when your BG is reported by xDrip+ as flat otherwise the calibrations seem (to me) somewhat unreliable.

That said, if xDrip+ reports a sensor error then that is coming from the sensor.

Did you really get sensor errors; i.e. did xDrip+ say “sensor error” in the “system status” page. If it just dropped the reading (flat line through the BG number on the display) then just turn bluetooth off on your phone and wait (by default xDrip+ turns it back on and recovers all the missed readings.)

John Bowler

If DripX+ won’t let you proceed, you can make up a sensor code and then calibrate when the first number comes up. My current one is 9117 if you need one.

Dexcom receivers and my Tandem pump will allow you to proceed without the code, and ask for a calibration after the warmup period.

Sometime rebooting your phone cures DripX+ hangups.

And welcome to the forum!

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Thank you so much for your reply!

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