G6 and openAPS?

We just went to Samson’s endo appointment (which lasted 4! hours!!! aaah). Anyways our CDE told us that we should order new G5 transmitters now or else we’ll be automatically routed to the G6… and that no one has “cracked” how to use the G6 with openAPS.

I didn’t think this was a concern because openAPS draws on data from NightScout for its algorithm, so as long as NightScout can pull data from G6 it should be fine, right? But, apparently the G6 will use a whole different App.

I’m not computer savvy enough to know whether this should prevent people pulling data from the G6 app and using it to do closed loop in openAPS.

This is pretty critical for us as our daycare has told us that after June 18, when Samson transitions into Pre-K, that they won’t do the current level of treatment that we’ve been doing without openAPS. They really don’t want to have to do multiple boluses during the day for highs.

Does anyone know if this concern is worth worrying about? Or is it trivial to port the data somehow from G6 to NightScout? I feel like once you have a password for the app there should be someway of getting the data.

I spoke with Dexcom about this last week. I called with this specific question and they routed me to the person who would supposedly know the correct answer (I think she was in sales).

Anyway, I was told that as long as they make the G5, you can get it if you want. Eventually they will stop making the G5 (I am guessing when the pumps that use G5 are converted to G6). At some point, yes everyone will need to go to G6. But she told me that is not something that you will need to do right now.

That’s what she told me :arrow_up:, I don’t know if that was true or not, just reporting what she said.

I don’t know what is the correct answer about the automatic upgrade, but just wanted to report what the person from Dex told me last week.

They won’t upgrade people to the G6 who say they need the G5 to use with an “integrated system.” The example that Tandem gave in their notification letter is the t:slim X2 functioning as a G5 receiver. G5 + openAPS certainly is an integrated system; nobody said anything about needing FDA approval of the integration, but if the Dexcom representative questions what “integrated system” I suppose it would be possible to say t:slim X2 to guarantee getting the G5 instead of G6. As Eric points out, this approach may not work forever, but it should be good for now.

@TiaG xDRIP+ has cracked the code and the data is uploadable to Nightscout. There is also the claim from the xDrip+ developer that they gave cracked the automatic 10 day shutoff.


great, thanks @docslotnick!

As I’ve indicated before… Dexcom is NOT going to force you to upgrade to the G6.

That’s what I have been told be Dexcom reps and I’m going to stick with that until I hear otherwise from Dexcom.


I’ll stand by you @ClaudnDaye. I figure I have between 6 months and 3 years left in the G5. Plenty of time to wait and see if someone hacks the 10day lifespan with any regularity.

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