G4 calibration with xDrip+

Recently I accidentaly damaged my G4 receiver and now I’m using only xDrip+ for monitor my son’s BG.
Usualy I was adding calibrations on both G4 receiver and xDrip on the smartphone and it was OK.
Now I was using xDrip+ for calibrations but I notice that the values are not taken into account by application. Also looking into “Error and Event list” I was seeing the folowing events:

06:38 “Calibration with ID: 142 appears to have been deleted”

06:37 “Queuing Calibration for transmitter: 150 mg/dl 2019-01-14 06:37:55”

My setup is:
xDrip + : 20180908-d1d4887
WixelApp: Aug 24, 2015 commit 677ddb2

Anyone have any ideea if xDrip calibrations should work without G4 receiver?

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I use G5 but yes, xDrip+ calibrations definitely works with G4 and G5. You probably should use the latest xDrip+ build which the dev team maintains with the latest bug fixes.


@lo2012 I agree with @Trying. You can easily find the updates by clicking on the 3 dot menu on the upper right of the home screen and just click on “check for updates”. But first, in settings go to “xDrip+ update settings” and choose the alpha channel.

You’ll be amazed at the updates in the app in the last few months.