Flat line, but that's not the point


@Thomas I have seen a TDD decrease of about 75% since cutting carbs by about 25%. YDMV I guess.


But with that you are talking about daily carb reduction and day after day - yes? Which could be handled by the body differently than a one time carb-fest.


I was hoping you found the cure. Drat, carb restriction…go figure.

As you say YDMV, my son lives with a carb restriction (100g per day or less), and every time we go for the big 100 carb meal, we get the big smackdown. :frowning:


@Thomas Yes, my carb reduction has been consistent in the past few weeks. One of the tracks I posted above shows a heavy carb lunch with a linearly calculated bolus that ultimately required about 2.5 times the original bolus as correction when my Bg skyrocketed.


Thomas, so your child uses less insulin the more carbs you give. i.e. 40 carbs would take less insulin than 2x20?

If so, that is interesting. I wonder why that would be? It is exactly opposite for us, although we have only been at this for 1.5 years, so many more experiments left to run. (at least as many as my lab rat will allow)


Can you just imagine if you were eating 100g / meal or whatever nonsense the ada recommends? I’ve often wondered if their recommendations are even actually based on what they think is best, or based on the assumption that the typical diabetic eats nothing but cake, soda, and candy and their recommendations are actually a reduction for them…


Whenever you are ready to try my “cure”, lemme know.
It’s not easy, but I can guarantee you lot’s of carbs.


Chris, no I would not say that. Normal carb amounts we do use linear I:C ratio. I am talking about a crazy amount like one of those large milkshakes from McD’s or the big Starbucks frozen drinks or something like that. Not typical. I think it is just too much to digest and a bunch just passes through. But you know if once a month my daughter wants something like that then I am not going to say she can never have it. I believe in balance with all things. Perhaps not realistic to achieve but worth trying for. Even in balance there is balance.

Sam - I never heard of 100 carbs per meal being an ADA recommendation. I am not sure how you would get that much in a normal meal. Maybe Thanksgiving meal or one of the “all you can eat buffets” but then afterwards don’t you just feel bloated and wonder why you ate so much? Not something you could do every meal every day. But maybe I misunderstand.


The ADA has historically recommended that diabetics follow the standard high carb food pyramid type diet, insisting that 50%+ of all calories should come from carbohydrates, or 230g or carbohydrates in meals plus a 60gram snack would have been their recommendation for me

Over recent years they’ve faced more and more criticism for their position on the subject


F*** that is a lot. So exactly what is all this “low carb” that I hear about? Maybe “low carb” is not so extreme after all? I never really looked into it as I don’t think it appropriate to do severe diet modifications for a teenager.

Is there a carb daily range that is considered “low carb” ?

Just re-read and laughing over a “60 gram snack”. That is 60 carbs for a “snack”? lol One heck of a “snack”.


There’s a lot of carbs out there… a typical breakfast of a couple pancakes with syrup, a glass of OJ, and some hash browns and you’re likely over 200

It’s really pretty startling if you start thinking about how many carbs typical average Joe out there is eating without even thinking about it. No wonder by some estimates more than half of the adults in USA are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

A 60 gram snack could just be a simple plain bagel…

A liter of cola-- 115g… that’s a pretty typical thing for the average American to chug in 5 minutes without thinking twice about it


Thomas, we don’t deprive our teenager either, but if he is going to have pizza or a milkshake we do it lunch so we don’t have to deal with the aftermath in the middle of the night.

My son eats about 100g of carbs a day. Breakfast is usually eggs, sausage, and one slice of toast or 20g of potato. Lunch is usually 40-50g of carbs, and dinner is usually grilled protein and two vegetables. Total for the day about 100.

Just for comparison, a burger at Red Robin, will generally run 70-80 carbs before you add a side. We only do these meals at lunch. When we eat out for dinner, my son likes the more expensive places where he can get some fish with two sides. By definition 100g a day is Low Carb, but nowhere near keto.


The old carb recommendations were based on calorie intake. So if you were taking too many calories, you’d be taking too many carbs…

Blanket carb recommendations are practically worthless. It just depends for everyone. Active or sedentary, maintaining weight or trying to lose weight, old or young.


Once they’re already an insulin dependent diabetic I’d agree that recommendations should be highly individualized. I firmly believe though that across the board the American diet is disgustingly saturated with worthless junk carbs and that average joe out there should start learning a little about how he’s treating his body as a garbage disposal, and policy makers should reevaluate what a healthy baseline for diets are… walk by a grade school— do you remember that many fat kids when you were a kid?


Across the board, we are not the fittest of nations, either!


Here is one definition, all of these are considered low carb.


I agree with you. In my mind it is mostly about economics. We can produce carbohydrates (wheat, corn, etc) at an amazing low price point with mechanized farming. So the cheaper the inputs, the more ability there is to have an affordable calorie with a good to great profit margin. Don’t see this changing anytime soon. Add to it screen time, and whoa we have a problem Houston.


Ain’t that the truth. I’m probably spending twice as much for my food eating 50g carbs per day than I was eating 125g per day.


Which is further incentivized by massive government subsidy program to overproduce cheap carbs even more (corn, wheat, etc subsidies), then grind them up, boil them down, and force them in unnatural ways into nearly every item at the grocery store… meanwhile their brilliant experts draw up such tremendous dietary guidelines as the food pyramid, stating that 60% of calories should come from carbs… and here a generation later we’re the fattest most diabetic nation on earth…

In addition to the obvious connection to type 2 diabetes, I also believe the increased incidence of type 1 diabetes (and many other diseases) are directly related to diet (although not to obesity) but certainly the absurd metabolic process and the way it’s being taxed here in the USA could be there trigger of an autoimmune situation in many cases


My daughter currently eats around 90 carbs per day (according to Diasend). She also has Celiac Disease so we don’t eat out very often. Her GI said her reaction to wheat (gluten) is unusually severe as compared to typical Celiac. She throws up within about 20 mins. Makes it pretty easy to see if there was a “mistake” made somewhere. So most restaurants we just don’t bother with - not worth the risk. Not to mention eating out is expensive. (Reality check.)