[FIRSTS] - Tonight, Liam is officially using Omnipod DASH w/ Loop (3/30/2023)

His prescription was finally filled today and although I had originally planned to not change him over until the weekend, my OCD wouldn’t let me wait. He’s been talking about how excited he is for the switch, and losing the RL, for months. So, when we received the PODs today, I had to get the branch downloaded, installed onto his phone and get a new POD session going with the new Dash PODS.

The entire process from me deciding to do it, to having the new Dash POD on his leg with a Green Circle in Loop was under an hour.

He’s so happy…we bought him a “single pocket” spi-belt a few months ago when we started waiting on the Dash PODs and he gave his “double pocket” spi-belt a farewell speech before having me put it away in his closet. He’s now using a single pocket spi-belt and, as he gets older, I told him he can just carry his phone like everyone else…in his pocket. But for now, given that he’s young and prone to dropping/losing, he thinks it’s better to continue using the single pocket spi-belt for his “medical phone” right now.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s done and it’s one more quality of life thing that he’s happy to have completed.


Congrats on the successful switch over! I’m sure he’ll love not having two devices!

Which version is he using? Method of building? Using the care app or is he dosing himself? Best of luck and good fortune to him and you!:heart::+1:


Loop 3.2.0. Installed via Mac + Xcode. Dosing directly through Loop.


I started testing it out about 2 months ago and transitioned over completely about 1 month ago.

I like how it boluses so much faster without needing the RileyLink translation. I was happily surprised at the difference! As soon as you hit bolus, it starts!



Liam noticed that immediately also. He first noticed the needle inserting “clicking sounds” starting immediately and he called it out because he’s so used to waiting for 5 seconds or so, then hearing the clicking…counting to 5 (sometimes 6) clicks, then the shot happening.


Congrats! Sounds like a smooth transition. So glad Liam has a bit more freedom sans RL! I still need to make the switch.


The hardest part tonight was in getting the remote Bolus and carbs working. I kept getting invalid password format errors. I figured out that this actually requires a OTP from an authentication app that has scanned loop QC code. Anyway, now I can remotely Bolus him and enter carbs. This is a risky function that I’ll definitely never use when he’s at school without communicating first with the nurse so there isn’ta duplication in entries. I also don’t want to spoil Liam too much and do everything for him…so even though I now can do more, I plan on using it sparingly…For instance, he’s sound to sleep, high, and I would normally have to get up, go to his bed, unlock his phone, administer Bolus…instead, I can roll over, pick up my phone, administer remote Bolus, go back to sleep.


I don’t know if the commercial algorithms support remote bolus but it is certainly a great feature for parents and caretakers!


Super secure also. It’s an OTP 6-digit number needed everytime I administer a remote Bolus generated from my OTP app on my (caregiver) phone, which changes every 30 seconds.

My OTP string has to match what’s showing in his loop app.


Being a user of OTP and knowing how tech savy you are, I am sure you have already taken care of it, but for others using this type of system saving the QR code in a secure and safe spot, and having multiple devices with the OTP account installed in case of device issues is a must. I lost a couple of very important OTP accounts the last time my phone died, and learned my lesson. I now keep my wife’s phone updated with all the same OTP accounts in case this happens again.


Yes. I have two redundant phones with same authentication app installed and set for Liam’s loop. Can never have enough fail safes!


@ClaudnDaye I do the same thing, counting the clicks! At first, I thought it would be random, so you “relax”, but it seems rather consistent. Interestingly, my wife winces if she’s around because she knows it’s coming…I’ve just kind of gotten used to it!


Just to chime in, I use 2Fas as my authentication app and it keeps an encrypted backup in my iCloud account. so if one device is stolen, breaks or whatever I can access on another device with same Apple ID {all of them) and easily reinstall after replacement, repair.