Fiasp, Lyumjev, and other Fast Insulins

yes Samson was on Novolog for years. And he did pretty good with it, but it was so nice with Fiasp to just be able to bolus for what he ate afterwards, rather than guessing before meals.


I’ve heard so many stories of Fiasp being much better at first, but then becoming worse after using it for a while. A lot of people have reported that.

I appreciate the consistency I have had with NovoLog.

In the pod, Day 1 = Day 2 = Day 3

And in the time I’ve used it, Year 1 = Year 2 = Year 3

I’m at year 5 with it now, and I’m still happy with it.


For everyone that tried Fiasp and has issues.
Try Lyumjev. It is basically the ultra rapid version of Humalog (like Fiasp is for Novolog.)
I had issues with Fiasp and what I assume the Tandem cartridge used.
Same tandem pump for me, with Lyumjev, I have used them 4 to 5 days and ran until the pump said ZERO without issues.

Lyumjev is a newer insulin. Not sure if you get it covered under your insurance.
I pay out of pocket, but I use their insulin discount/waiver thing, and I pay $35 per month (3 vials per month for me.) So cost is not a real factor.

Warning, where Fiasp would sometimes sting, Lyumjev can actually hurt a little, when injecting.
I have had bruising around the infusion set, which is also unheard of for me.
These are not all the time, and were mainly just at the start of using it. But I wanted to make note of this.

That being said, I use the exact same profile for Lyumjev as I did for Fiasp. It works a little different, but I really like it.