Anyone currently using lyumjev?

I just got a couple sample vials of lyumjev to try out.
I have been using Fiasp for some time now. And while it works, I am having some issues with it in my pump (could be a number of things, haven’t narrowed it down exactly, but I don’t have the same issues when only using Novolog.)
So at my Endo appointment today, Dr gave me a couple vials of lyumjev, and a sample pack of Afrezza to try out (and other stuff, she is a WONDERFULL Endo!!! )
I can’t seem to find much for experience listed with this newer insulin.
My initial thought is that it should act similar to Fiasp, but might have more site irratation?


First I have heard of it on our site. Looks interesting. Fiasp didn’t work much (any) faster than humalog for my son, but many here have used Fiasp to great effect. Looking forward to your report.

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Since I have read in other posts about the possibility of “clogging” issues when using some flavors of fast acting insulin in (Tandem?) pumps, I would also be interested to hear more about your experience with Lyumjev.

Since it may have a bearing on what results you get, I will ask which brand and model of pump you are using?   :nerd_face:   :thinking:

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I was going to try it, but I didn’t know how to ask my endo for it.

Shama Lama Ding Dong?

I understand Fiasp. Aspart being the name for NovoLog, so I think Fiasp was for “Fast Aspart”.

But this one?!? :confused:

Apparently, not even Lilly knows how they came up with the name! :smile:



I was interested, but after hearing quite a few people on TuD reporting reactions at injection sites, am personally wary, since I’ve had problems with that with other typically better tolerated insulins (Lente, Levemir). Some people are obviously tolerating it fine, and you can always try it and stop if you have those reactions, but for people like myself who are super sensitive to lots of things, it seems maybe a little risky.


Right, I can make sense of some of insulin names, but this one is an enigma to me.


I kind of liken the site irratation to that of how people reacted to Fiasp.
Funny thing, I don’t mind the sting of Fiasp. I sort of like it because I know I am GETTING the bolus.

That being said, my issues have been with occlusions, and this last month especially, only after 1 to 2 days!
I have a Tandem X2 pump. I use the autosoft 90 degree with 9mm cannulas.
I don’t have site issues with Novolog, but I really like how Fiasp works in a pump, most specifically with the X2 running on Control IQ (Sleep mode, higher basal rates, other adjustments, etc.)

I will start testing this new stuff probably tomorrow night.

And yeah, the name of this stuff… Not really a smart marketing ploy there.
I had to look up how to even pronounce this stuff.
I asked my endo “what about the ultra rapid acting stuff. You know, the other one than Fiasp?”
She knew what I meant, and didn’t know how to say it either.
With it being so new, she has only gave this out to three other people so far. And I am probably the only one that will give her back some actual data to how it performs, etc.

Of course the VA doesn’t have this in it’s formulary. And I doubt they ever will.
Thing with the VA, they don’t see this as a big difference from what is already available.
So IF, and that is a big IF, this works for me, I have to figure out a deal to pay for this out of pocket, again…


This sounded more like a localized red, raised mark (like a hive) at injection site than stinging (like with Lantus or such). But obviously not everyone is getting that reaction. Just seems like a notable amount of folks were reporting it and then needing to discontinue.

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Well, I should find out soon enough I guess.
Here is to hoping it works well for me at least!

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I hope so! I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

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Ok, put my first infusion set in last night with the new stuff.
I didn’t eat last night, so no boluses. But the night went without issues.

I are breakfast and bolused (same breakfast I always get, and I used the same bolus I give while using Fiasp.)
I started a little higher than I wanted before breakfast, so my curve went a little higher, but it cam right back down and is levelling off now. Of course it’s now lunch time, so I will try it out for my second bolus soon.

My initial plan is to treat it the same as Fiasp. I think this is supposed to kick in slightly faster, but otherwise it ‘should’ be similar.
I obviously expect the first few days/weeks to be better, then level out in performance. Like Fiasp did for few the couple times I have went back and forth with it.


Also to note, I no longer prebolus (unless I am running high.)
I always bolus when I start, or just after starting to eat.
I work as a manager, and do sales. So I don’t have any actual schedule. And have got into trouble by prebolusing and getting interrupted.

Btw, lunch went great for this bolus!
I barely felt anything for the bolus.
But I won’t know better until after having used it more to know if I have site irratations.


Awesome, look forward to the extended review. Glad it is working in your pump.

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To be clear, my note about preboluses. I stopped doing those when I got Fiasp. Not something new.

I did some other ‘testing’. I went almost all of yesterday without eating. I only had a sandwhich and some cheese for dinner. But I did a LOT of hard work for most of the day. And I staying around 100 to 110. No big drops, and no big jumps. This is something that I utterly fail on when I am using Novolog. I cannot work hard, excercise, etc. when on Novolog without eating or running a temp basal.
I can do this ‘ok’ on Fiasp. I will still get an occasional low. Especially if I have ANY IOB.

So far it feels like the onset is similar to Fiasp.
It feels like it has a little more ‘kick’ in the curve, then drops off pretty fast.
I will run it with my current Fiasp profile a little while longer before I make a new profile and make changes.


*I read that it may cause site irritation. When I tried it briefly, I did not have any.
*I also read that it tends to bring a high BG down quickly, but then differently than NovoLog. I only tried it a few times, yes it brought BG down quickly but it did not keep it down. So I went back to Fiasp.
*I also found the vial’s stopper to not work well. When I inserted air into the vial, it tended to group in a bubble at the top of my needle. When it did that I could not draw out any insulin.


I just changed out to my third infusion set.
First set I left in for a full 4 days.
I didn’t have any occlusions, but the site was pretty angry.
I noticed that the site was sensitive most of the time it was in, so that could have affected it.

Second site, I could feel a little bit, but nothing two worrying.
No occlusions. And stopped at the end of 3rd day.

Third site, no sensitivity yet.

I would say that it is similar to Fiasp.
I would say it has a stronger tail than Fiasp.
I am not sure if this stronger tail is making me thing that the tail lasts a little longer, or just that it lasts the same time, but has more affect than Fiasp.

So, based on a VERY short period, I am happy with it.
Especially coming from a month or two of frustration with Fiasp giving me lots of issues on day 2.


Just got a pen sample… I’ll give it a try and report back…

After a quick glance it appears most of the complaints have been pumping related


Which I don’t think it is cleared for. But that shouldn’t stop people.

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Technically Fiasp isn’t approved for pump use, is it?

I am happy with it so far. But time will tell. Not holding my breath just yet.


In the U.S., Fiasp was approved for pump about 2 years after it was approved for non-pump use.

I always found that to be interesting because it shows how long these things take.

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