Feeling misunderstood by my doctor


I’m so sorry your doctor treated you this way. If it’s possible, find a new one…and congrats on not going above 190 - that’s amazing, and great progress!


I just want to add my support for you, too. That doctor was way out of line accusing you of poor control when as others have said, just keeping under 190 is a huge accomplishment in itself, and isn’t that what ADA recommends - under 180?


I am glad that your procedure worked out. I have one family member that doesn’t have diabetes and who needed to have the procedure repeated an additional time and whose eyesight is now permanently affected in a negative way.


I’m sorry you had to pay for an office visit with such an incompetent doctor. He is clearly in no position to be treating people with diabetes. I would be inclined to report him after that experience. He needs to undergo additional training on diabetes (that may not be his specialty but he’ll likely treat many people with D, and he’s very uneducated about the condition). He should not be pushing elective treatments on people who are at higher risk of complications from those treatments.

I shopped around for awhile before finding an ophthalmologist I really like. I have an eye condition unrelated to diabetes, and I need a doctor that specializes in my condition. The first few ophthalmologists I saw had no idea what they were talking about but acted if they were capable of treating my condition (prescribing ineffective glasses and treatments). I’m really skeptical of ophthalmologists now, and I would be willing to pay out of pocket if the best ophthalmologists were not in my network.

I would do some research and find one who has more experience with people with diabetes. I’m sorry you went through all of that! I’m glad you can feel some validation and support from people on this forum though.


One small comment on the somewhat pejorative characterization of LASIK surgery as “cosmetic.” If well performed, it enables one to see outdoors in bad weather, unlike glasses which fog up and blear. Not everyone can tolerate contacts. Vanity isn’t the only motivation for LASIK.


I don’t think it is a pejorative characterization. I believe (although I could be wrong) that most insurance companies classify this as cosmetic particularly in regards to reimbursement.


@Katers87 thanks for the comment and support. I think I’m going to ask my endo and CDE to see if they have any recommendation on ophthalmologists in my area. Especially because I don’t want to compromise my health because of the MD’s lack of knowledge and compassion.


He is a jerk. You are doing great if your A1C is around 7 - 7.5! Do not let this person still your joy! Life is complicated enough without having to deal with someone who should have more compassion and empathy. I think you are doing great! My son, who is nine was diagnosed in 2017, at the age of 8. We have had and still have many ups and downs.


@DexcomMama So well said!
And it’s so hard with kids to keep the ups and downs away. I’ve had diabetes since I was 6 and have babysat other T1D so I understand the frustration from multiple angles. I’m sure you’re doing great though.


I wish you well in your endeavors as you pursue your medical degree. Congratulations to you!


@LarissaW I’m sending you hugs, along with some good thoughts and prayers! You’re doing wonderful and moving in the right direction too. Kudos to you … keep up the great work!


:open_mouth: WOW. Just WOW. What a dickhead. You are obviously taking care of yourself. Sounds like you have a good plan and are sticking to it. It also sounds like you should find another eye doctor. Wow. I just want to slap him. :rage:


What an absolute tosser he is!! I hope you get a new eye doctor and are able to find someone who sticks to his own area of clinical expertise.

BTW - I am impressed that your highest number this year has been 190. That is an amazing achievement and you should be very proud.