HbA1c ok eyes super fine

My recent visit with the endo and lab results were not bad. I knew my HbA1c would be higher from 5.5, it was 6.2. He was pleased. Maybe his other patients aren’t doing well. TSO 3rd gen is up so getting a bump in the synthroid.

Low thyroid may be causing the recent slow weight gain. I’ll have to watch heart rate.

Yesterday I saw the retina specialist. No sign of any abnormalities including the small bit if diabetic retinopathy that was detected above 8 years ago. It shrunk to nothing after getting the Tandem pump.

This clinic has all state of the art tech, but my doc will also look into the eyes at the far margins. I told him to never stop doing that, because it gives me confidence. He said that the devices are very good but don’t really get the margins.

Anyway he said I’ve got 2 good eyeballs and the cataracts are still immature.

So, that’s just great news. :hugs::eye::eye::grin:


:clap: Congratulations. I know that A1c at 6.2 is a rise for you but I am envious of it. My last 7.6

Keep a good watch on your eyes God only gave ya two. Due to a lot of Lazer my right is like looking through the bottom of a milky coke bottle. I thank God my Left is in good shape.

Anyway keep up the good work.

Cheers :smiley:


You as well.


Great news @CarlosLuis !


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