In preparation of next weeks Telemedicine visit with Endo

Since we aren’t doing office visits, I thought the Endo would ask if we’ve done a home A1C test lately. I hadn’t, so I thought I would today so that I could check that box.

Here’s the result, and breaks our previous 6.1 lowest record. I know there is some room for error here and the actual A1C can vary by a few tenths of a percent either way, but I’ll take it!


Are labs open there, or you just didn’t want to go to one? I have an appointment in July and have already skipped one A1c that I was supposed to get in May, so I need to go in to get an A1c plus thyroid and other blood work before that appointment. A home kit is a good idea if all you need is A1c, though. I am not sure if those are available here.

Congratulations on getting lower than 6.1%. You’ve now beat my lowest-ever records, and I’ve had 28+ years to work on it!

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In this house, I’m doing everything possible to ensure we aren’t statistics so we are staying hunkered down. I’m fortunate to be able to work from home so noone but the wife goes out.


Wow, Liam is owning it!


That is flat-out incredible!!

The Diabetic World Championships has a new contender! All of us wily old veterans should be worried about the young upstart known as Liam…


Yeah, as of Tuesday, it will have been 14 weeks since I last stepped foot out of my apartment building, or really outside at all since I don’t have a yard, which is just crazy compared to our old world.

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Congrats on the superb management. Great stuff!


Smiles all around!!