EMERGENCY nighscout help needed!

I’m at work and no facebook access.

My Loop and Xdrip+ on android are updating just fine but I can’t get any data all of a sudden in my Nightscout which I keep open in a separate browser window!


I went into admin tools and did delete all documents but that didn’t help.

Nothing has changed at all and was working just fine earlier today.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Pump and loop seem to be updating now but not BG readings. Again, they are fine on my iPhone looping app as well as Xdrip+ on my Android. Just not in Nightscout page.


Make sure sharing is on and you have network access. Most of the time the no data occurs, for us, when there is a network issue.

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That’s what I would think, but everything else is coming in and if I check my tidepool for today, dexcom is coming through just fine. Just not in Nightscout. I checked clarity and think it is coming through but not sure. What’s the delay? Tideool doesn’t seem to be delayed.

There should be no delay. Maybe deploy the branch again?

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Strange. This is happening to us also this morning. Did you figure it out?

There is a post about this issue in the looped group. The recommended fixes didn’t fix is so in a holding pattern right now. Share and SugarMate are both still sharing so I can still see remotely.

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I am seeing a problem not related to NightScout but with Dexcom.

Are you pulling from the same Dexcom Clarity/Share/Follow (whatever) data feed?


Yes. I agree. I cannot log into our Dexcom site right now at all.

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NS is still working great for everything except the BG. I see all loop treatments

I was just able to get into Clarity now and two other data feeds for me suddenly started working.

Maybe try again now?

EDIT: That was quick. I was knocked back out again.

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It started working for me just now. Definitely a Dexcom issue.

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Everything stopped working now… SugarMate, share… Nothing is giving data now

Not sure when it got fixed, but all is well now. Glad to hear it!

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