Does anyone use a belt pack at the gym?

Or a spy belt? I have to keep my phone and some glucose on me for readings and correcting, but am leaving the rest in a locker. I’ve been carrying a backpack around with me but I can’t keep my eye on it and live in a high theft area. It’s distracting and bound to get swiped. Working out with a belt pack would probably be annoying but a decent solution.

Any recommendations or anything I haven’t thought of?


I use a SPIBelt. At gyms, it depends on the setup. Sometimes I just put the stuff in the little cup holders on the treadmill.

What type of stuff are you doing, like a weight circuit? And what are you carrying? It just depends on how much you need to have with you. I bring pump, BG testing, and carb sources.

If you are going to get a belt, the SPIBelt really is the best. They cost a little more, but are really well made.


Just posting a link

One thing I don’t see on their website is washing instructions. If I ever get approved for a pump I need a way to wear it cycling, workouts and otherwise. This looks like a great product.


I am not sure what they recommend, but I wash it cold/gentle and then dry it only a short time at low heat. I don’t let it run in the dryer until it is baked. If you are not in a hurry, you can just hang it for a few hours.


Sounds good to me. That’s what I do with my cycling gloves, caps and heart rate strap. Cold water wash, drip dry. I might go for 2 of them if I get a pump.


I’m leaning towards the SPI belt.

I’m doing HIIT, full body workout (resistance, weights, cardio, TRX) and if I leave my purse and jacket in the locker, I’m carrying just my phone (since annoyingly, my iWatch doesn’t show my CGM info without being in Bluetooth range) and a roll of glucose tabs.


Agree, this one looks like the best fit. I like that the cord has a space, as I’m hoping to transition to a tubed pump.


I received the T:Slim X2 yesterday. It’s hard to believe as I didn’t think I met Medicare’s requirements. I downloaded T:Connect for Mac and Mobile, but have to wait until after Christmas for use.

I just ordered 2 SpiBelts, seems like the way to go for me. Beats clipping it to my heart rate strap, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do HIIT too and have a spibelt but found it flops around too much if you’re doing high knees, burpees, jump rope etc. It’s no good for sleeping either because the clip digs into you if you roll onto it in the night. I use a flip style waist pouch now (see link below). It can comfortably accommodate a pump, a phone and a source of glucose and you can distribute the items evenly around your waist and lower back rather than having the combined weight all in one spot. Moreover, if you get the right size, it stays put when doing those more extreme exercise movements. Also, when you flip the belt so that the pocket entrances are on the underside, i.e. against your skin/clothing, it takes care of any issues with protruding pump tubing. Works well for nighttime use, too. You’re probably in the US but, if you were interested in one, I imagine there’s a seller from China trading on eBay.com.

Sub Sports Core Running Belt Black MultiPocket Storage Sports Waist Bag Flipbelt


I have used the spibelt, both exercising and sleeping, but I needed something for my phone/cgm/gel-glucose. This accommodates all of these, and I can distribute the load around my waist: [https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017VD532I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc= com](https://SB band)

I also got this belt, which works great for hiking to keep pump and gels at hand::



The SPIBelt will flop if you have too much weight loaded in a single pocket. They have them with 2 belts so you can spread the stuff out. And also it helps to keep it very tight.

The thing I don’t like about the flipbelts is putting them on and taking them off. You have to slide your whole body into and out of it. Not sure if they have come up with one with a fastener.

Another thing about the flipbelts is that they are not adjustable - at least the ones I have are not. So if you gain or lose weight, or carry more or less stuff, it’s basically the same diameter.

I have 2 flipbelts, a million SPIBelts (with pockets ranging from 1 to 3), and a whole lot of other assorted pockets and pouches and belts for carrying, including waterproof belts for rain, etc. Having a bunch of different ones makes it easier to just select what I need. It’s always different.


Dang. Wish I saw this sooner…I ordered two Spi Diabetic Belts.

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Eric’s clearly able to make them work and you might be able to, too, depending on exactly what exercises you perform but all I can say is that in 20+ years of doing a mix of HIIT and Crossfit (and circuit training before that) a flip belt is the only thing that I’ve found that has kept the movement of diabetic essentials and whatever else I need to carry to an absolute minimum.

Anything else, and I’ve bought and tried plenty, has proven to be an unnecessary distraction to me (Box jumps with a spibelt? Nu-uh). Straight after donning underwear in a morning, a flip belt slips on effortlessly (there are zipped versions out there) and as my waist size hasn’t changed in 30 years, a size M has remained the perfect fit, irrespective of what I put in it.

YMMV as will other people’s, so I offer my own opinion/experience only.


Thanks Bananaman, I can absolutely see what you are talking about. My son wears a fabric band similar to the one you linked all the time, and it works well for many sports. We ordered a one pouch spibelt, but it didn’t work as well for my son. I am just glad there are options.


Ya, for things that have a lot of jumping up and down the SPIBelt is not as stable. I mostly run with it, which does not have as much vertical movement.


Well, they just closed all the gyms in my area last night, so it’s a moot point at the moment, but I may order the kind you like too and just go with what works best when I can make it back to the gym.


This is day 2 wearing the SpiBelt with an empty T:Slim pump in in and a length of weed trimmer line attached to the pump and taped to my arm. The pump is connected to my D6, but I’m not trained yet. It’s all I can do to not get that unopened vial of Humalog out of the fridge.

I am doing a bike ride tomorrow. I will move the infusion site to my outer thigh. I want to see how that works with pedaling. I think with it contained by the Lycra as long as I have enough slack above the waist it should be fine.

I slept in the belt and pump without discomfort.

Edit to add- I had an extra stretchy Garmin lanyard. I was able to loop one end to the case supplied and the other around the belt. I would like it to be a little longer, but it works.

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Interesting. I am pretty confident I am getting a tubed pump in the new year and am already noticing how I have hardly any clothing with pockets. I bike regularly and I guess that will be a learning experience depending on where the site is.


I don’t know how sensitive you are to tight fight vs loose fitting clothes. My son who is in-shape and wears tight fitting young adult clothes (women give a new definition to tight) and still wears his tubed pump in a fabric pump band at his waist. Even with his tight fitting clothes you would not be able to tell he has a pump band on. The other nice thing is his pump band has 4 pockets so he can bring everything there when he doesn’t have pockets.

I, too, am a regular bike rider as well. I will soon convert from pens to a tube pump. I just got home from a weekly group ride, using the SpiBelt with the fake tubing Gorilla taped to my outer thigh. All was under my cycling kit, jersey and shorts.

The only very slight discomfort was from the trimmer string. It has twisted ridges to improve c
utting. Anyway, where it passed under the waist band of my shorts was a little irritating after more than an hour cycling. There was no binding or pulling.

I am quite pleases with the SpiBelt.

As to @Chris ‘ post about tight fighting clothes, fortunately I am not overly concerned about the pump bulge showing. I carry my own devised glucose potion in a 5 oz plastic flask attached to the top tube with a combination of Velcro and rare earth magnets. It’s handy if I see BG dropping.

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