T:slim Belt Clip Options

I have my t:slim, suspended by metal clip, hanging on the waistline of my pants. I’m pretty much okay with it but figured I’d ask if anyone out there does anything differently? I’ve heard you can remove the clip (which I have yet to do), have heard you can drop it in a fanny pack (which I have yet to do), and I heard from my mom you can dip your clip in putty (which is why she’s not allowed near my pump).

My metal clip is a little harsh, and I would like to hear what others have to say. Unless it is to stop complaining. Because I’ve already heard that recommendation. :roll_eyes:

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I used the holster from my Medtronic 723. The t:slim fits in there nice and snug, and is easy to retrieve for using the touch screen.

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I read about this from other Tandem users - bought it and stuck it on the outer case (NOT directly on the pump). For sure makes it stay on my clothing 100% better!!

Nite Ize HipClip - Attachable Pocket Clip

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My son wears a pump belt under his shirt and has no clip attached to it. It is really easy to fish out and doesn’t hang up on stuff.

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What kind of pump belt, @Chris? Like a SPIBelt?

A Medtronic product that works… interesting. :thinking:

Just kidding. I’m looking that up now since I might not have one in one of these boxes… but might. Thanks, @bkh. :smiley:

No, not a SPIBelt, way less engineered than that. It is just fabric with 4 pockets around the circumference. No zippers or anything like that. He wears one of these at all times really. Under his shirt, while he sleeps. We usually grab it off of him once every couple of weeks and wash it.



Very unobtrusive unless you are wearing something really form fitting.

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Looking at it now… but have no idea how I’d attach it to the outer case?? I mean, I suppose I could maybe figure it out… unless you wanted to explain?? Thank you for the link!

It has a sticky strip on the other side, so you peel off the adhesive cover and just stick it on your pump case. It has to sit for a couple of hours to get a really good seal, but it’s been great for months!

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Missed your response, @allison. That sounds easy enough to order one. :grin: Thanks!!

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I use an old Animas nylon pouch and hang it on a heavier necklace chain around my neck. Makes a bump in my shirt but after more than 10 years I never had an issue or a damaged pump.

I just put my pump in my pants pocket like 99% of the time haha. Never been a big fan of using the belt clips. I think I’ve heard that some people have more issues with occlusion false alarms this way but it’s not been a significant issue for me


I heard of an idea where someone made basically a large button hole in the top inside corner of the front pocket liner, and threaded the tube through there. So the pump was in the pocket, and the tube was completely inside the pants and under the shirt—no exposed tube at all.


TY, bkh!! I used to do something like that, perhaps in my first year or so on a pump (ca. 20 years ago)!! I had forgotten about that until seeing your post!

I’ve been using a cheap flip phone case for work days, and a Running Buddy Mini all other times. I know you’re active: you should look at the Running Buddy. Work well with pretty much any clotthing (running shorts, casual clothes, etc.) and offer some protection. Several colors. (I picked black).

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I do exactly that. It really works well.

@Kevin.Blanc. :hugs:

I have used a Myabetic case for years - ever since Minimed was sold to medtronic and went downhill. I used to be able to buy them on Amazon, but it looks like no more :slightly_frowning_face:. Minimed stull sells them. I know they list them for the 670g or the 630, but I have always bought them regardless of the brand pump I was using. They are leather and the close enough sizes of the pumps always meant they fit close enough for me.

I use the SPI belt made for tubed pumps for any type of exercise, but just clip it to my pants most times. I do think the clip it comes with is trash. I am searching for a better clip. The things falls off my pants ALL THE TIME and that usually doesn’t rip the site out, but sometimes does, which is especially annoying if I’m not home when it happens.