ISO Animas Ping Rotating Belt Clip

Desperately seeking an Animas Ping rotating belt clip. I somehow managed to break mine Monday. I bent over to pick something up and I guess it was just over-torqued and it came apart. There are none to be had anywhere. And the useless Medtronic Animas store doesn’t carry it. If anyone has one hanging around because you already changed to a Medtronic pump, I’d love to buy it from you. Happy to pay shipping. Can PayPal money immediately. Anybody? :weary::sob:

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Did you check to see if you like any of the options at the link below?
We don’t use them but I know a bunch of people really like their products.

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Thanks for sending that but I really don’t want a holster.

I just sent out a message to our two friends who where using the Ping before upgrading. Hopefully one of them will have it. Unfortunately, we never used the Ping, so a rotating belt clip wouldn’t be in the offering.

If all else fails, you could try to source a CAD file or a 3D printer file from the internet and have one printed when you break them.

Thanks! I’ll be hoping one of them says they have one!

Is this the clip you are looking for?

No that is the one is metal and comes with the pump. It doesn’t rotate. The rotating one is all plastic.