The 630G back light

Ill be getting the 630G as animas is going out of business. The one thing that is driving me nuts about the animas is the back light. when im out and about i cant see for the life of me what im doing as its just not bright enough. is the light on the 630G good enough to read when your out and about so if im in the car and i have something to eat or if im sitting outside at a place to eat ill be able to see? im hoping so as this is going to be a big change for me. thanks

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Our experience with two different Animas Ping pumps was that the display started off plenty bright when the pump was brand new and right out of the packing box. After a couple years, it dimmed down to the point where it was literally impossible to read when outside.

Of course when we told anybody, the response was that we just needed to increase the setting for the screen brightness. The easiest approach was always to just hand the pump over and say nothing. After a few minutes and a puzzled look coming over the other person’s face, they would then conclude that the pump screen had become defective. At which point, we would reply, “Yeah - that is what we were saying.”.

The screen being dim was a warranty item so while the pump was still under warranty, we were able to get it replaced. Until it went out of warranty and we were still running it at which point we just put up with it. My daughter knew all the menus by heart anyway so really she did not look at the screen very much.

I have also heard from multiple people on the forums about them having exactly the same issue with the Animas Ping screen. My suspicion is an engineering defect as it seems I hear about this issue way too often for it to be user damage or anything related.

Long story short.

I think it is POSSIBLE (obviously without looking at your pump) that you have a pump with a defective screen.

If so, then you would likely find ANY pump to be a HUGE improvement in terms of screen brightness.

I would be willing to wager that you will have no issues with the screen brightness of your new pump.

thanks…ive had this pump since 2016. and cant believe the issues i am having…i know the menus but its hard to read when im trying to put in my number of carbs and my sugar levels effectively. when im at home no issues. its just when i am out and about. so im hoping the pump ill be getting will be better. as i said im just frustrated at this point

Sounds exactly the same as our Ping. If I were you, I would not worry about the screen on the new pump.

Chances are that will be the one thing NOT to cause you problems.

Unfortunately, switching from one brand of pump to a different brand of pump is a huge change and will likely be a difficult adjustment. At least there are many people using the 630G so hopefully you can get some really good advice when you have questions.

Did you check out all the pumps before you made your decision? I hope so!

I hope you are not being bullied into it by an insurance company, an endo, or a pump rep, and that the choice was made by you after you got to look at all the options.

If not, let’s chat before you sign anything…

we can still chat :)…i learned a lot about my research on the pumps, etc. but lets talk :slight_smile:

it will be a huge change considering ive been with animas since 2010 when i first started to pump. so for 8 years its been the ping and then the vibe. im looking forward to the change tho. it will be a bit scary for me but i think once i get the hang of the change ill be fine

Do you want to chat here or on PM?

Do you know many people spend more time in the appliance store deciding what kind of TV they are going to buy, than they do looking at insulin pumps. That’s just wrong! This is important stuff. I want you to make the best choice for you.

in PM…ive done my research…and looked into everything…i do the same for everything in my life…even in cereals lol