What is a pump band?

Do you have a picture? I am sure it will become clearer, but why do you need less disconnects with a pump band?

Sorry for the naive questions, we are podders…


The reason the pump band is awesome, is because you can drop your drawers and do nothing with the pump. So going to the bathroom is no problem, sleeping is no problem - the pump band just sort of floats around his middle. Reminding him to wash his pump band…happens more often than it should, I mean we do have 4 or 5 for that very reason. But seriously, other than a baseball game, a shower, or swimming, he has no reason to remove it, and it doesn’t require any changes to his clothes.


edit - My wife also added, that it has a series of pockets around it, so when he was running cross country he could carry his phone, test kit, sugar, pump, etc in the band and it didn’t require pockets, which was good because the running uniform didn’t have them.


@Chris, very cool idea and I am glad it works for your son, but having a band around my waist all of the time would drive me nuts :crazy_face:


That is nifty. When I had my first pump, in the '80s, there was nothing like this. I had to fashion my own under-the-shirt holder out of a jockstrap and a sock. I used to live in fear of having some medical emergency where they’d have to rip off my shirt.


@Chris, do you have a link to this pump band, by any chance?

I don’t know if this is the same one but I have a couple of Tummietotes I’ve used for this purpose (mostly during exercise)

I’ve also heard of people using Spibelts for this.

That is his exercise band which should be this one:


These also work well:


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I haven’t used a pump band, but I have used a Spibelt to hold diabetes and other supplies when I have no pockets (or when I just have too much to fit in my pockets). I don’t like the Spibelt all that much, brands like the Flipbelt and Tummietote look much more comfortable.


FlipBelts are comfortable, except for 2 times. Putting them on, and taking them off!

They don’t open up, you have to pull them on over your head, or step into them like pants.

That’s one advantage for the SPIbelts, they have a connector you can open up.

But I have both, so it just depends on what I need to carry. They are different enough that having both is nice.

The Tummietote fastens with velcro!
Though I don’t always love that the pockets are also velcro sealed, can make it a bit annoying/noisy to get stuff out of the pockets


Cool, I’ll have to try that one. I think that’s one of the only ones I don’t have yet!

Is it similar to the FlipBelt?

I’ve never tried the FlipBelt but it looks very similar. It essentially has 3 6-inch long pockets that seal with velcro on the top, and (at least on mine) the rest of the belt is velcro for closure purposes so you can adjust the size pretty easily so it sits in different places or is tighter vs looser. Doesn’t bounce if I have it on decently tight. I chose to have a see-through window on one of the pockets on mine, so I can see my pump screen through it and I just found out I can use the t:slim touchscreen through it which is handy


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Clearly, you are giving @Eric a run for his money as the McGyver of diabetes.


@Beacher, you fascinate me. It just makes me feel like the regular things I use underwear for are just so boring. :grin:


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