DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Seriously… quit messing around. What about 7:40??


Is that the fastest pace you think you can hold for 2 miles?


See, that’s a challenge…


7:25? 7:30…


7:25. Done.


Are you done with 7:25?

Tomorrow I will give you your actual target pace.

And also, tomorrow I am going to write up a bit about that run. It is not a physical test, it is mental test. There are some very specific things I want you to focus on during that run.

I need you to go to bed and get some sleep. I will give you the target pace tomorrow.


I really really need to go to bed. Starting to write weird things. O😁


I want you to process what I write with a fresh brain, not the midnight brain. I will write it all up for you and post it in the morning(ish).



Goodnight. :heart:


I know it’s early, @Eric… but I’m ready to pick up where we left off last night. Whenever you are. No pressure. :grin:


The number is not the important part, this is. I will give you the number next but before that I need you to read through this a few times. This is all important stuff for you to remember.

First of all, run safe. If you have bad pain - like a pain in your body - you do need to stop. But good pain - like being tired - is okay.

Get well-hydrated on Friday so you don’t need to worry about it on Saturday. Get to bed early on Friday night!

Logistics before you start:
Eat smart on Saturday morning so your BG is easy. Test frequently in the hours leading up before you start so you know what your BG is doing.

Test frequently, then do a very short warmup run - only 5 minutes at a 10:00 pace, then stop. Take a few small sips of water, test your BG, walk around, rest a bit. Get your music setup, adjust whatever you need. Test again, and again. As long as your BG is not plummeting, you will not need any sugar for this run. If your BG is flat before you start, you can expect a 50 point spike from the run, so don’t worry about eating anything.

When you are ready, then you get to run.

For the run…

This is not a physical workout. It is a mental one. Your body knows it can do this. We need your brain to know it to.

Tune your brain to only tell you what you need to hear. Tell it to shut-up if it says the wrong things. These are the thoughts you need in your brain during this run. If you hear your brain giving you doubts about what you are capable of, tell it to shut-up.

Divide the run into 4 half-mile increments. Do not look beyond the half you are doing. During each half-mile, this is what I want you to think about and focus on. Nothing else!

First half-mile:
Focus on your mechanics - high cadence, running tall but relaxed, relax your hands and fingers, no tension anywhere in your body. Listen to the music and find your rhythm during the first half-mile. And know that you are not running this pace because you have to, you are running this pace because you are capable of running this pace! Your body already knows it can do this. Trust your body, not your mind. Think about only those things.

Second half-mile:
This is the hardest half-mile. If it was easy, everyone would do it and we wouldn’t be posting anything about it. Do not think about any of the other halves, just this one. You only have one thing to do on this one - keep the dream alive here. Without this one, the others don’t happen. Only focus on finishing this half. There is nothing else beyond this half. This half-mile consists of only one half-mile, nothing more. Do not think beyond this one. This half-mile is only a single half-mile.

Third half-mile:
As soon as you take the first step here, you are over halfway finished. This half is where your confidence grows. You are not getting weaker, each step is building your strength as you realize you are getting closer. This half will be all about your confidence taking over, and knowing that you will be able to make it. This half is all about building the trust that your body is able to do this. This half is about your growing assurance and determination. Feed off those feelings.

Fourth half-mile:
Many people will think that this half-mile will be the hardest, but it won’t be. This half will be the easiest because it will be a celebration. When you get here you will know you have made it. You definitely won’t quit here, so this half will assure your success. This is your victory lap. Each step you take lets you know that you will do this. In this half you will no longer have any doubt. You will enjoy this half, it will feel wonderful because you will know you have made it. Enjoy this half-mile, celebrate your victory. This half will be where your brain stops telling you how tired you are, and starts telling you how great you are. Relish that feeling!

When you finish, immediately take your pulse for 15 seconds. Walk a good bit. Enjoy the feelings you will have. Take the tired eyes out, and put the happy eyes in. Check your BG, and see the 50 point spike.

Dose, eat what you want, and worry about fixing it later. Celebrate! You have earned it.


I’ve read through it 3 times…

And already understand it because it’s just the way the tougher runs go…


Focus on your 4 halves. Think those things on each half.

Here is your target pace:

7:13 pace (8.3 mph)


I knew you were going to do that. :grin:


No, I did not do anything.

But the important thing is what you are going to do.


I know that. :grin:

Honestly, I ruled out 7:13 because I just did it with 1/4 mile recoveries, and it was not hard, but I couldn’t comfortably say I could put them all together and …

I’m not sad. It’s going to be a real challenge, but I think I’m going to be okay. Maybe. :grin:


You see why I gave it to you today? So you wouldn’t spend 5 days thinking about it.

Of course it will be okay. I only gave it to you because I knew you could do it.

When it gets hard, remind yourself that there has not been a single workout I have given you that you were not able to complete. You have hit them 100%.


Going for my run but am bookmarking this to come back to as soon as I’m done. Or sometime tonight. I appreciate your confidence. All that frickin confidence. I didn’t know I could do any of these things, Eric. None. So I’ve acted on your confidence because you seemed like a relatively bright guy. :grin:

That almost got sappy. Gotta go run.


Thank you!

Don’t make it late. Get some sleep tonight.

I need to ask the admins to cut you off from FUD tonight after 10pm.


Like a curfew?? :rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ve been sidestepping those for 3 decades. :grin: