DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Did it. Nailed it. Singing about it. :smiley:

I know this was as much a test for my BG and mental … ability… as it was where I am physically, and it wasn’t all perfect, but it was damn close. :smiley:

Had my alarm set this morning for 7. My mom comes around, hearing ALL of the alarms, and turns them all off. I do love her. :smiley: Anyway, by the time I get up at 8:15, my BG is great at a 65 or so, but I’ve been suspended for over an hour. I thought about postponing the run until I could get more control over the suspends, but this is diabetes, and I’m learning how to work with what I’ve got. So it wasn’t perfect, but I’m happy with how it went… I did have a cup and a half of coffee at 8:15 with about .75 units of insulin. I knew it was not going to be enough, but I figured I could always add a little insulin at any time if I really needed. I’d prefer not to have insulin on board, but it’s not a showstopper if I do, and now I understand that running at a high BG is more of a nuisance than applying bandaids. My BG was up to a 165 shortly thereafter, so I just got up and put on some music and did some chores. Then my BG began to drop, so I let it head in that direction and headed over for the treadmill at a 136. I did my warm up and tested again, and I was at a 138. Not perfect (third time I’ve said it), but it was good enough to go.

The run:

1/2 mile warm up @ 10:00/mile and then I stopped and had a little water and tested. Started at a 138 and just ran 1.75 miles at 8.3. I was working hard, but I was okay, so I turned it up to 8.4 going into the last quarter miles and figured I’d turn it right back down if it didn’t feel right. But it felt right, so that’s how I finished.

The mental stuff: I was on it. The way you broke it down is how I approach the tough stuff in life. It was so interesting to see your breakdown because I realized I’m not crazy for feeling like the early part of the run is harder than the end. It’s that feeling that there’s so much ahead of you, but you’re already tired. It’s gone in a minute, but that thought is a tough one. So I knew it was coming, I knew it would make for a tough couple of laps (and it did), but I also knew it would get easier. And it did. I was still working hard, but I was happy in the third half, and I was on top of the world by the fourth.

I finished at a BG of 141. I have no idea what that means about the spike although I have a feeling I may have dropped in the early part of the run. I’m not sure I was a stable 138, and I do know that was part of the goal. However, I didn’t have to cancel the run, I didn’t have to postpone it, I didn’t have to do insulin, and I didn’t have to do carbs. That’s a victory for me. And until I can stop my mom from being sweet and wanting me to get enough sleep, I just have to learn how to work with what’s in front of me.

My HR was about a 184. It may have been higher. It was not easy for me to get that measure. I felt like it was high, but, again, that is completely normal for me. I used to do my workouts at 200-210 most days.

Also, I jogged another mile and a half at the end. I know it wasn’t part of the workout, and I know I’m not supposed to do that, but I did, and I’m being honest. Then I walked. Then I danced. :smiley:

Trying to eliminate running BG LOWs and post run BG HIGHs


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Just like we drew it up!

Great job today! Wonderful to hear about this.


Just like we drew it up. :heart:


Nicky, this is really great! I was looking forward to what I would read this morning about your run and I am so thrilled! Congrats!!! My son is very pleased :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Michel. :blush:

Trying to eliminate running BG LOWs and post run BG HIGHs

Nicky, do you feel your BG behavior was any different between practice and the real run? Because of adrenalin or any other reason?


@Michel, I have been looking for that cortisol spike that Eric tells me of, and I have no reason to doubt it’s coming, but I just don’t know if I’ve seen it yet. If I have, it hasn’t been clear. I have a few ideas why maybe it hasn’t been apparent yet though. The first is that I’m still really trying to get going with a very stable blood sugar, and I really haven’t mastered that part. As long as I’m rising and falling, it would be very difficult to know why, or what my BG would’ve looked like starting from a flat line. Don’t know if that makes sense. My other thought is that I’ve had a very high heart rate with exercise since I can remember and only a couple of years ago still frequented the 200-215 range. Even though I know I’m working hard with these runs, maybe I haven’t reached that zone yet…

You asked a question to which I do not know the answer, but it’s stuff I’ve been thinking about. That’ll teach you to ask questions. :grin:


Speaking of @Eric… I just realized I’ve got no runs for this week… Are you there, Eric? :grin:


Yes, I’ll post it for you. Before it’s running time.


It would be much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


And it’s running time in about 10 hours… maybe 8 if I go to bed early. :thinking:


Is that a new thing?

Here is week 10…

Week 10:

Monday, 1/28
Recovery Run

30 minutes @ 9:00-10:00 pace

Tuesday, 1/29
Incline Work

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

4 Repeats:

  • 5 minutes @ 8:34 pace (7.0 mph) @ 5 degrees incline
  • 5 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph) (recovery, flat)

Total today ~ 4.8 miles

Wednesday, 1/30
Rest day, stretch and core only

Thursday, 1/31
Speed pace intervals

1/2 mile warmup @ 9:00-10:00 pace

4 Repeats:

  • 3 minutes @ 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
  • 3 minutes @ 7:30 pace (8.0 mph)
  • 3 minutes @ 7:13 pace (8.3 mph)
  • recovery, 3 minutes @ 10:00 pace (6.0 mph)

Total today ~ 6.46 miles

Friday, 2/1
25 minute Recovery Run
10:00 pace

Saturday, 2/2
60 minute Progressive Pace Long Run

  • 20 minutes @ 9:13 pace (6.5 mph)
  • 20 minutes @ 8:34 pace (7.0 mph)
  • 20 minutes @ 8:13 pace (7.3 mph)

(total ~ 6.9 miles)

Sunday, 2/3
Rest day, stretch and core only


I was a little messy with my BG today, but I was in casual mode again— which is not my best mode. I had pancakes for lunch and accidentally
used the regular syrup rather than mine, so I had to add a bunch of insulin. I was going to have to do insulin anyway for the pancakes, but that sugary stuff… :woman_facepalming: Anyway when I headed out the door, my BG was a 131 but by the time I was to the Main Street (1/2 mile), I was a 98. I had my first 23 grams and started my run. I wore my meter bracelet today for the first time outside, and that was a lot of fun. I brought along a couple of the lancets and left my lancing device at home, and that was fun, too. That was kind of a lot of work getting stuff out and aiming and not dropping things, and it wasn’t easy. But I was already getting a little routine down by the time I was done. Anyway I went from 98 to 77 in the first mile, so I had another 23g. I was a 77 a mile later, so I did nothing, but when I was at 54 a mile later, I had another 23. I KNOW that was a lot of carbs, but I was fairly confident I needed them. I started off the run with that fast drop from 131 to 98 and then to 77 and then fell again to 54. I had had a lot of IOB to start with and no ZB. Anyway, casual mode. That’s what happens.

I ended up doing about 4 miles and was in the mood to make it a long run. Everything went well, all was quiet, and my RPE was probably 4.

And I saw a whole bunch of empty GU packets along the trail… which I assumed meant I wasn’t the first of our kind to pass through today… unless normal people use GU??? There were
a lot of empty ketchup packets with them. :thinking:


Try a SPIbelt for your lancing device. That would probably be easier, a little more to hold on to than a lancet. I carry an individual lancet also, but I have it attached with a string so I don’t drop it. I am also working on another way. I will share that after I get it working.

It’s good to do these sometimes. It’s great to just go without any stress about it. You can do that on an easy run like today’s.

You ran 4 miles, didn’t overly worry about your BG stuff, and then acted like it was nothing. Which is something.


On a string?? You must employ elves at your workshop… How would you get that thing on a string??? Unless there’s glue involved??

I loved the lancet. I would like to try to stick with that if possible. A SPIbelt, however, wouldn’t be a wasted purchase. Had some difficulty there today with my Dollar Store TRYbelt. :grin: Like near wardrobe malfunction… I’ll put it on my ever-growing list of things I feel bad I haven’t done yet. I’m sticking a meter to my treadmill, by the way. That’s next week’s project.

Exactly how it felt. :heart:


Do you have any extra cases for your meters? If so, remove the plastic meter holder from a case with a stitch remover, and attach it to a piece of magnetic tape:

There are a few metal places on your treadmill to which you can attach it.

That’s just one way to do it. There are a bunch of ways.


I do.

Yes, I was admiring your handiwork today. I’m not sure that’s how mine’s ending up. :grin:

Okay, but this is a lot better than my plan which was … to glue magnets to everything and put test strips in a little floss container. I didn’t really have a plan yet. :grin:


No, I am the only one in the shop. But I am part elf.

I can send you another strip holder if you would like. That would be better.

Possibly the best thing would be to let you spill strips for a few weeks, and then send you the strip holder. That way the magic of the strip holder will really become apparent.


And are you for hire? Because I could use a good elf. :grin:

I wanted to ask you what exactly that was — and what you did to it. That’s precision, and I highly doubt you bought it that way.

Okay, that’s just funny. :wink:


Bought it? :roll_eyes:

I made it.

I was just kidding about you spilling them. I can make you another one and send it to you.