DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Oh, and I heard that, too. Dude’s crazy, but I would love to have that kind of handle. :heart:


I absolutely believe this and find myself wanting insulin way earlier in the run than when I’ve actually had the nerve to do it. I’ve been seeing the effects for a long time of a little bit of insulin mixed with a little physical activity. I know it’s good stuff, and I know it doesn’t take much insulin at all. I think I’m ready to do insulin earlier on my next long run— if I need it. This part makes a lot of sense.


No, not a bad idea at all. If it prevents you from dropping more, and keeps you at 90, and you don’t need more than that, it’s fine.

The only wrong thing to do is doing the wrong thing. Lots of ways to make the soup.

And…what did you think I was going to say?


Thank you. That makes sense, too. And having the insulin as an option will help me stop worrying about a nasty rebound. I’ve become obsessed with rebounds… and want to smush them then in their tracks. :grin:


Then go crazy - take insulin AND carbs at the same time. The only trick is figuring out the amounts.


Not this :point_down:

I thought you were going to answer in a series of hypothetical questions… where all answers had me arriving at the realization I was wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got it. I know there are many ways to make the soup. Just wanted to make sure my base ingredients were the right ballpark… and that … I wasn’t starting with… anything really nasty like… goose. :rofl:


I do it all day long. Now I just have to figure it out in a run. Okay. Got it. :thinking:


Was there ever a man so misunderstood?


Okay. So today’s run was great, and my BG was great… but it was all patchwork going in. I got up at the crack of dawn to take 2 of my sons into Maryland for medical appointments, and we didn’t get home till after 12. I had no idea if there was going to be time to run or not, so there was no ZB or any kind of preplanning whatsoever. I decided about 2 minutes from the house that I was going to make it happen, and my blood sugar was a 112 and falling fast with about 3.5 units on board. I had had a banana and coffee in the car on my way back, and that combo is deadly, and I had spiked to about a 230 in traffic. I had no tools other than my pump, so I button-mashed the bolus button. Anyway, it was topsy turvy, but I wanted to get my run done SO… I saw I had been suspended for 17 minutes (thank you, @glitzabetes, for showing me where to look!), and I tried to tap the Eric in me with a what would Eric do? I knew 17 minutes was almost 3 times what you ran out the door on the other day, so I said it would be good enough for me, too. I had a banana at home while getting ready and suspended my pump for real. Within 10 minutes I was on the treadmill, and my BG was a 107. I did a half mile warm up then tested again at 88. I decided to have 20g of carbs. I did my first .5 mile at 8.3 then tested again during the recovery at 79. I decided I would leave it for another half mile and tested at the next recovery. When I saw I was a 73, I decided to give myself 20g more. My thinking was that with little ZB and all that insulin on board plus running, those carbs may have been going towards preexisting conditions rather than the current needs from the run— if that makes sense. Did another .5 mile at 8.3 and tested at 85. I decided to resume insulin at this time, worried about the spike, and to add .75 units. I ended my cooldown at a 69– so I may have overshot a little bit but not too bad.

RPE was a 7.5 maybe? At least for the last two rounds, and cadence was great, and… that might be all. Off to get the kids and head off to the next appointment. :woman_facepalming:


I’m here to talk about Saturday’s pace if you’re around… whenever you’re ready.


Ok, I am back from dinner. Let’s go!


Dang. I need like 20 min. :confused: I’ll see if you’re around then??




Never mind. I’m here now. :grin:


So for 2 miles, whatdoyagot?




What have you got?


Or I could start. :neutral_face:

I did what today? 4 sets of 1/2 mile at 7:13 pace. So I could probably safely say I think a 7:13 pace is too fast for a straight 2 miles.



I already know what you have.

First tell me what you think you have.


I’m trying. :grin: But it looks like I’m doing it by working backwards. I’ve already ruled out 2 minute miles and 3 minute miles.