Disappearing data?

Has anyone ever seen a message on their Dex receiver indicating “system check successful” with a check mark? Also with the message, all previous data points disappeared? Only the most recent data point remained.

Yes, I had this happen with the Dexcom receiver several times. It’s like it roboots and loses all the data.

I’ve never had this happen with xDrip+, so it must be a Dexcom receiver problem.

It would be interesting to know if the lost data on the receiver is still in your follow app if you are using one, or if it wipes that data too.


Yes. Wife’s Google search turned up that apparently although the data has disappeared on the receiver its still there and will be viewable online.


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How interesting – I had no idea this happened.

@ClaudnDaye, how did your wife’s google search find it? I am not sure I am visualizing that process.


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I didn’t find the missing data online… I googled the message/issue and other people who have experienced the same issue said that the data will be there when you download the receiver data into the computer.