Different bread, different reactions

did you know that most breads are made from wheat? but then there is also white breads, breads with nuts, bread with seeds, bread that is made with malt…

and then there is SOURDOUGH bread. normally, i need a longer pre-bolus for bread so that i dont spike from its immediate surge of simple sugars. but with sourdough bread and its low GI, you can actually keep your flat line BG flat. it digests slowly and doesnt get that crazy rise we’re all familiar with. and this is not only from my own experience with it, but i found it on several websites.

if you enjoy it great; if you dont, maybe you will after several of your own experiments and experiences.

Now Go Out and Indulge!!!


Yes. Sourdough is also harder to toast because of the acid. (Browning is inhibited by acid and promoted by alkali.)

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Nor does it have to be technically a sourdough. In my own many years of home baking, I find that any bread made with a natural starter (called variously levain, poolish, biga, or sponge) digests slower and doesn’t spike like straight-yeast (“direct method”) breads, especially supermarket breads with their extra yeast. Even adding a few tablespoons of my natural starter to a regular yeast dough will result in less BG rise.


thanks for the info. this explains everything!!! :smile:

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In addition, unless the baker is an idiot, the natural starter bread tastes so much better than “regular” bread, that if given a choice most people would prefer the natural starter bread anyway.

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which sourdough do you indulge? I recall the Sourdough from San Francisco, very sour and yummy. I haven’t found any sufficiently sour and tasty near my home. I would be happy to order online!


Has anyone tried Schmidt 647 https://schmidtbaking.com/products/647-2/?

Have you tried to create a starter at home and see what the local population tastes like? I have had so so luck with this, but a few times I have been pleasantly surprised by the local flavor.

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Once a year, I “cheat” and make a buche noel for the extended family to share. I do it mostly to decorate and the fun of putting all the whipped cream, the plastic little decorations, trees, mushrooms, reindeers…etc. I haven’t baked much recently except for the buche noel. because I haven’t quite tamed the BG spikes yet.

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I use the BOUDIN SOURDOUGH (original) from San Fran; Eric turned me onto it. it is the best i have ever tried. a little pricey on the shipping, so i stockpile it when i order (bc the shipping $ is the same no matter how much you order) and i just put it in the freezer until i am ready to take it out for eating. The loaves are quite huge, so i take out one at a time, cut it in half, put one half in the fridge and put the other half back into the freezer.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! definately worth the price.

Hope this helps.