Differences between the G4 and G5 sensors?

Edgepark is suddenly telling us after two years that we should be getting the G4 sensor instead of the G5. Before I argue about it, is there much difference? I know they are interchangeable.

The sensors are the same based on my conversation s with Dexcom and the limited reading I have done. The transmitters however… Completely different animals

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Sounds like someone has on oversupply on their hands.

Should we bother fighting it? If there are no different I guess it doesn’t matter.

This sounds like Edgepark just being dense.

Dexcom no longer makes a “G4” sensor. It is now a “G4/G5” sensor. It is the same thing, but the box says G4/G5. The sensors you get are the same, whether you use G4 or G5.

It’s like Edgepark saying, “We can no longer send you 1/2 dozen. We will be sending you 6 instead.”

I have always been on G5, but I have used sensors from a box that says “G4/G5”, and I have also used them from an old expired box that said “G4”. Same thing.

As long as you are not getting expired sensors, it does not matter what they call them.

Unless they call them “G6”. Then you’d have issues. :grinning:



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