Dexcom 7 plus old stock

I just found a whole package of Dexcom 7+ sensors in my closet that I forgot I had… does anyone know if I can make them work with the G5 transmitters? @Eric @mikep @docslotnick anyone?

Very unlikely. G5 (and G4) ran out of the box on the most updated Dexcom software (505). 7+ ran on the much older software and will probably not even communicate with a G4 or G5 receiver.
I’m going to go through my old boxes to see if I might still have an old egg receiver, 7 or 7+
EDIT: sorry, misunderstood. You want the 7+ sensor to talk to the G5 transmitter. My guess is still no. I seem to remember that the old sensors were not compatible with the G4 transmitter. But maybe an experiment is in store :wink:


No dice here. I’ve tried and it didn’t work with my G5.