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Thank you for this wonderful forum and resource. I am a parent of a T1D child, and this community has made dealing with issues related to T1D that much easier to handle. I am extremely appreciative for all of you.

I have a bit of an oddball question that may tax the memory of most here. We are still using the G4 Platinum with Share System. We are waiting to get onto the G6 until the issues are ironed-out and we prefer to the G4 to the G5 due to its smaller profile on our child, its longer transmitter life, the RF technology, which simply does not lose connection and has a much longer range than Bluetooth, and the fact that we can see the raw data on X-drip during sensor warmup. Honestly, I will very much miss all of these facets of the G4 once we move up to the G6 or G7, as will be inevitable at some point.

However, in the meantime, I just received our third G4 Platinum with Share receiver. On our first receiver, we had to update the software code to 505 to get the new algorithm, the same as in use on the G5, with a MARD of 9% vs. 13% for the older algorithm. Now that this new receiver has come, I wanted to see if there was any way to check what software version it had so I would not unnecessarily go through the software update (if Dexcom even still supports that, which I’m not sure). I also realized now that I do not believe I ever checked my second receiver, which is still in use but near the end of its life, to see if the algorithm was the new 505 on that one.

So that is the question - how can one tell if one has the 505 update to the G4 Platinum with Share receiver? Is there something in the menu? Is there some serial # or manufacture date after which all of them would be the updated version? Or is there some other way to tell? I called Dexcom but their tech support seemed to have no idea what I was talking about and I could not get a clear answer. I would really like to avoid messing with an update process if it is not necessary and everything is already in place.

Thank you for any advice you may have!


On the G4 receiver, choose Settings, then Device Info, and scroll down to “SW Rev” at the end of the list. I think the last three numbers are what you want?


This doesn’t really pertain to the above, but … Incidentally, I just spoke with Dexcom Canada, and tech support (in the US) told me there was no need to update my G4 software, because the algorithm hasn’t changed “as of late” and won’t be changing. My revision number is 230 and he said “That is correct.”

SW numbers, algorithm changes – and in fact the need to update – may differ in the US. I notice the US website has instructions for updating the receiver, but there are no such instructions on the Canadian website and there’s no mention of updating in the Canadian FAQs.


Welcome @DDunn! Really glad you have received value from our little corner of the internet. I hope you feel comfortable enough to start contributing to our community. If you do, introducing yourself on this thread will give you a good start! Nice first post by the way.

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@DDunn, welcome! So glad you are finding some of what you need here!

Is the SW Rev giving you what you need?

Welcome @DDunn! Hopefully, someone here on the G4 can help you out! Our son, Liam (now 5, but diagnosed at 2) has been on the G5 and we are so happy to have ANY CGM…life is so much easier on us parents with that data viewable at all times.

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The “505” software for the Dexcom G4 has only been made available to US customers. The rest of the world never got it with the G4 and had to wait for the G5. In the US, Adult G4 receivers made after Jan 2015 had the software pre-installed. Pediatric G4 receivers were not given the upgrade and could not be upgraded.


Guys… thank you all so much for the information! I’m sorry it took me a bit to reply, but I am working nights these days. This was very helpful. Looks like we have the new algorithm.

Thank you again.


Glad to hear it.

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