Dexcom Servers down all day November 30, 2019

So I’ve been trying to sign on to the Dexcom app all day. From 11 am to 10 pm. It says temporary issue with the servers. Try again later. Anyone else having this problem?
I have deleted the app and reinstalled.
Rebooted my modem.
Tried to make a new account.
Called Dexcom around noon and after being on hold for a half hour opted for a call back but no call back from them and it’s 10pm. Maybe they don’t work weekends?
Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes, I’m having the same problem. Haven’t been able to connect to Dexcom Share for 18 hours. It’s severed my link to Nightscout which I sort of depend on. I hope a Dexcom IT person fixes this Monday morning at least.

This is Sunday, Dec. 1st and I can’t access my newest uploaded data with clarity. The Dexcom uploader says it’s reading and sending my data, but I can’t get a current report from Clarity. I can only get data from the last time I uploaded (and before). It keeps saying refresh the browser or come back when the data is available. Anyone else?

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Additional info here.


Over 36 hours down. They are blaming Google and Microsoft according to their updates on their Facebook page.

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It’s Dexcom’s responsibility regardless of what service providers they use. They can point the finger all they want at other parties, but the buck stops with them. I’m shocked it appears they have no contingencies in place when outages happen. It happened earlier this year and appears they learned nothing from that.

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Just FYI, I called the Dexcom tech services (and got through really quickly). I asked about the problem I was having uploading data to Clarity and the tech said they were working on it as fast as they can, but no need to login until “at least tomorrow.” (12-3-19)