Dexcom Share / Follow - Issue

I was just gonna post that–thanks!

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Something is strange with that link. If you click on the link from the main G4 FAQ page:


And hit the link as:

==> https://www.dexcom.com/faq/what-status-dexcom-share-service-system-0?category=931
Note the extra parm of category at the end. It shows status:

The Dexcom SHARE Cloud is working normally.

However if you hit the link as Dr.BB posted which does not have the extra parm at the end as:
==> https://www.dexcom.com/faq/what-status-dexcom-share-service-system-0
Then it shows a status:

The Dexcom SHARE Cloud is temporarily down. We are working on restoring it and it should be up shortly. Continue using your CGM system normally and check back with Dexcom Share later.

We switched the iPhone which is running the G6 Mobile App from the house wifi over to the Phone Provider data plan. (ie - different internet provider).

Within minutes of switching over, we received a cgm data point onto the Follow tablet followed by another 5 minutes later.

This agrees with the information which Dexcom Technical Support provided me with earlier this morning. It would appear to corroborate that the Dexcom internal servers have been fixed but end-users may not see resolution for a number of hours depending on their internet provider.

Seems to be connecting now.


I think depends on internet provider dns cache timing?

We have one network that it is working across and another for which it is not. Yet.

EDIT: Our other network just picked up and started working also.

Anybody else having problems with Dexcom Share / Follow?

Wondering if it is a problem on my end or if it is a Dexcom server issues.

@Thomas yes I have same issue. Also other users here… https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/dexcom?lang=en

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Maybe a login/authentication issue for the data for USA customers?

The international login appears to be functional.

Still not working for us since 2am.

Same here, still not working.

I called Dex Tech Support anyway. Once I felt up to it.
15 minute hold time. They could make the hold better if they would not repeat that stupid message every 45 seconds about them calling you back. Which I have tried before and does not work for ****.

They said it is a server issue on their end and they are aware and they are working on it and they have no ETA but expect to have it resolved by … end of the day. “End of the Day” ???

And the Tech Support person did specifically say do NOT attempt to uninstall and reinstall the app as that would likely only make things worse for you once they fix the issue on their end. Who knows if it really would make anything worse but clearly would not resolve anything at the moment.


I couldn’t login last night (in :canada: where we use Dexcom’s EU server)

@Jim_YYC - Is the Clarity/Share/Follow all still down for you ?

They appear to be having issues too “We are experiencing a temporary issue with the Dexcom server. Please try again later”

Still out here. :(. Hope it’s back before bedtime.

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You don’t need of the server functionality for looping right?

Just monitoring I assume ?

Loop works via Bluetooth but the sharing is how everyone sees the data who isn’t with Liam and his phone… And it’s also what i depend on for the phonecalls during the nightime. In addition to this issue, Liam’s sensor decided today (only day 3) to start crapping out. If sensor craps out, loop stops working. I would love for this server issue to be rectified before i to decide whether or not to change out sensor. It’s disconnected three times today.

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I had a crappy (new) sensor last night and today also. The way it goes sometimes.

After five or six calibrations it seems to have finally gotten working.

I still don’t trust it yet.

I can log into Dexcom Clarity now. Last data point that shows up in Clarity is earlier this morning around 6 AM.

Regular share/follow is still not working for me though.