Dexcom servers down?

Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Dexcom share app? Mine is saying the Internet is too slow and no data for over two hours, but I am able to access other websites just fine on my phone so I don’t think there’s really an Internet problem. Or at least, I can’t figure out what it is…

It is unfortunately you. I just connected to Clarity and their systems appear to be up. I am also getting clean data from our Dexcom Share app, so it is sharing.

So weird… Clarity isn’t working for me on Web browser and Dexcom isn’t sharing. Ugh.

I’m actually In SLO, and EH is on the peninsula in the Bay Area and Share is working for us too. I’m sure you’ve done it already, but have you rebooted your phone and computer and router? Sometimes that helps.

Agreed. This suggestion often times drives people crazy. In practical terms it really does resolve many situations.

I like the following site to check your bandwidth. It is worth going to this BEFORE you have problems so you know what is NORMAL for you. Then if you have problems you can check again and see if anything obvious pops up here. If you hit this often enough you also get a sense of the minor day to day changes that mean nothing.

Another suggestion that might drive people nuts. lol. Take a look at the lights on your modem,router,wireless access point, whatever sort of networking equipment you have. Potentially take a picture with your phone. Know what those lights are supposed to be like during NORMAL operations. Sounds stupid - sure.
But the reality is when you are having a problem and then trying to remember if that light is normally on or off, does it typically blink or is solid? Is it supposed to be blue, green or amber? Suddenly it is hard to remember the details and know if the lights on your networking equipment are normal or not.

Truthfully, it drives me crazy. I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted in my entire lifetime on an issue that would’ve been solved by just rebooting the device. Or, double checking that it was plugged in in the first place. I tend to do both of those things regularly.

And thanks for sharing that site! I was looking for that the other day!

BTW - This is my objection to replacing the receiver with the pump. The share is great when it works. But there are a lot of “parts” involved.

Currently we are not using the X2/G5 integration so as to be able to continue with the Dex Receiver in my room and picking up the direct transmissions from the G5 transmitter. (Also I have a tablet with Dex Follow running next to my bed. I am not saying NOT to use share - I just need a trusted backup so I can sleep.)

At such time as the Tandem t:slim X2 Predictive Low Glucose Suspend (PLGS) update is released (likely in conjunction with the Dexcom G6) and if at that point, Dexcom still only allows one receiver type of device (ie - either the Tandem pump OR the Dexcom Receiver but not both) to be connected to the Dexcom Transmitter then we will be back to using baby monitors to allow me to hear an alarm from the other room.

I simply do not consider the internet as something to be used for anything critical.


I think it is my Internet in the house. As soon as Samson left for daycare data started sharing again, and I wasn’t able to login to my work sites this morning so had to go to a coffee shop nearby. The weird thing is that I CAN (as evidenced by this post) access the Internet in general. I’ll have to do some digging.

hehe. Troubleshooting 101. Always reboot the device as the first step…and if it’s not turning on, make sure it’s charged and/or plugged in!


The worst part is, I know you’re totally right. And yet, sometimes I resist.

@TiaG, sometimes your Internet provider loses system capabilities for a few minutes or hours that will destroy your ability to reach some parts of the internet, due to the specific topology of their interconnect system to other backbone providers. I am only aware of it because I used to have to make arrangements with multiple backbone providers to give service to my company’s sites so that if one failed, others could still be online to provide pairing.

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That is a nice trick, @Thomas, deserving of an inclusion in the Tips section (hint, hint) :slight_smile:

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