Dexcom notifications on iPad without internet

Is there any way to receive deccom notifications on my iPad without using share— which I believe requires internet access?

I work using my iPad constantly and can’t often look at my phone to see my blood sugar but if a small notification would pop up on my iPad screen it’d be ideal. Internet access to use share and get the cloud based data isn’t really feasible though for me. Thanks

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Does your cellphone have cell access where you are?

If it does, and your phone is with you, you can make your phone an internet hotspot and connect to the internet through your cell phone’s cellular data plan.


How about just using a watch? That would not require internet access or share. You can either use an apple watch (as long as your iphone is nearby) or use a BlueJay which connects directly to your Dex and does not need a phone, internet, or anything.

Then you’d only need to look at your watch. And you can set it to turn on the display automatically whenever you turn your wrist to look at it.


Yeah I guess Apple Watch may be the best solution. My cell is in and out of service a lot on the cruise ships so I can’t really hot spot to it reliably

I might check out the other one too. The idea of recharging an Apple
Watch every day drives me nuts


This shows the Dexcom Follow app as only option for iPad. So would require receiver or phone app to get data first, and may be delay to get to ipad.
But not sure if could do without internet access on ipad.