Dexcom G6 Calibrate requirement

Tandem t:slim X2 with Dexcom G6 for about 1 1/2 years.

I recently started receiving a “Calibrate Required” on my pump, the Dexcom app, and the t:connect app. They come in about once a day.

When I changed the sensor I was required to calibrate 2 times. I normally don’t calibrate this often.

Is there a way to stop this?


Do you recall entering the sensor code when doing the start sensor?
If no code entered at start, will always be prompted.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I always inter the sensor code on both the G6 app and the pump.

When this calibrate requirement is pending the pump is pretty much unusable (can’t start a bolus) until the calibration is completed.

Interesting, I have never had that happen on my Tandem pump. Pump seems to be acting as if no code (or thinks it is invalid code?) was entered.

Call Tandem support and they may send a new sensor??

Or try stopping sensor, and try to restart it, if you are familiar with that process.

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I have had that happen when i entered the code in multiple places.
On the pump, when it asks for code, it says to “skip” this if you already put it in the app.

If you do that, just enter in the Dexcom app, they all end up syncing with the app.

It’s very annoying to have to enter it, although i have just entered the latest reading instead of doing a finger stick. :upside_down_face: .

I tried your procedure last night. So far it seems to be working.
I had been entering the code on both the pump and the app for some time but only recently started to have this issue to recalibrate every 24 hours.
Thanks again,

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