Multiple calibrations needed by G6 sensor on startup

Although I’ve said I have had great success with the G6, I’ve had a couple quirky experiences in a row this weekend and am curious @TiaG if you guys have seen this?

I replaced my sensor yesterday, waited for the two hour warmup, and was surprised to get a “enter two calibrations” message! Isn’t the whole point of the G6 that it doesn’t require that?

I entered the calibrations, because it wouldn’t give me readings without them, and as the day went on it was never close to accurate (it read LOW for a half hour after a jimmy johns sandwich…trust me that I wasn’t low after that!!). It kept missing readings, had a couple sensor errors, and was all around unusable.

By midnight it was hurting a little, I’d had a couple drinks and was feeling feisty so I took the dang thing off and started over. Hoped to wake up to a fully functioning new sensor. Nope. Calibrations required again!! So weird. I wouldn’t mind the calibrations if it worked, but I had three sensor errors in just a few hours this morning!

I called Dexcom and was told about the calibrations that “it can happen” if it needs additional input and might be because I inserted it into a lean area (most of mine go in lean areas). They were both tender/uncomfortable and one bled a little, so that may be part of the issue.

Anyway, they are replacing both and I’m a half hour into the warmup of my third one since yesterday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one just works like it’s supposed to.

Just sharing since I had googled this morning and couldn’t find any posts anywhere about a G6 requiring calibrations. Maybe I’m the only one?

Quick update: sensor #3 needed calibrations to start up as well. I refuse to believe that this just “sometimes happens” 3 times in a row after 6 months of great results. Something has to be going on with the sensors, or transmitter, or something, right? Again, I don’t care as much about the calibrations, I just want it to work, and the last two certainly haven’t. Jury’s still out on this one.

@kpanda01, I moved your topic to its own thread, I figure the problem is different enough to warrant its own title!

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Thanks! Hope I didn’t run afoul of good forum etiquette by tacking on to her thread! :scream_cat:

No worries. It is typically better to do a new thread when the issue is not exactly the same (it also helps with search, since many threads end up showing in search results)—but the boundaries for such determination are often fuzzy :slight_smile:

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I think it has been reported elsewhere that restarting a new sensor too quickly after stopping the previous could cause some issues like that. If you change sensors quickly, you might try waiting 5-10 mins before starting the new one.

Still requires 2 hours?

Yep, same 2 hour warmup as what I believe the prior versions had. Normally at the end of the warmup though, it just starts giving readings. At least that’s how it worked for me for the last 6 months! Until this weekend!

Thank you for this! I hadn’t heard this before. I’ll give it a try next time!!

Yeah - It was the Libre that recently was reduced to a 1-hour warmup.

[All] Dexcom is still 2 hours.

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Hello I’m having the same issue calling in the morning because I hav a now gone thru a whole box of sensors in 3 days now

Ohh and also I haven’t have as many issue till this new script for 3 months but I’ve have the extreme lows from 110 to double arrows down at 43 the next reading and the is spacing out inbetween sensors as I fell asleep woke up to sensor error replace sensor at 1 45 and just now warmed up im at 288 with a "southeast arrow " as we call it in my house but reading and that cause me to be up all night as my diabetic enteropathy I’ve had 3 "accidents that I’ve woke up to and now am 31 years old live back at home with my mom because I can’t take always take care of myself sorry a bit of an over share but this makes life so much harder for this to change and I even tried my second on in my abdomen because the always recommend it but I weight 110 pounds because of all this chain reaction sorry for the rant but I need help and this new one that I put hurts so ill keep ya updated on what dexcom says