New Dexcom G6-unreliable

Just recieved my G6 last Tue 8/6. So far I have already gone through 2 sensors that were over 100 pts off, wouldn’t connect, gave false lows etc…now #3 is pretty much doing the same thing. Keeps asking to recalibrate, calibrations failed. This sensor actually has worked for some of the time.
Based on what I am reading, it depends on the person, for some it works fine for others, there are issues. Customer servuce has heen fine, sending me replacements but thus has been way more of a hassle than what is is worth. Nor sure my Doctor is aware.
Is there a better product for CGM? I have been experiencing lows lateley and trying to prevent them sneaking up with my active lifestyle.

100 pts off is pretty bad. Are you using the Dexcom application on your phone or receiver? Are calibrations rejected? Whenever I do a calibration which isn’t too often, mainly after I change the sensor, the Dexcom app on my phone immediately adjusts the reading to something that is closer to the calibration, and next reading is even closer.

Have you tried different locations for the sensor? For me, I’m unable to use my abdomen even though G5 worked fine there. G6 however got Sensor Errors continuously. Since using the back of my upper arm, I’ve gotten 0 sensor errors. I don’t know if it will help you, but you could try a different location.

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  • How many hours after warmup was the 100 point difference ?
  • During sensor start was the option used for “Code” (ie - no calibration mode) or “No Code” (ie - calibrations will be required) ?
  • Between warmup and the 100 point difference, were any calibrations entered? (Regardless of which mode selected)

I used different sites all on abdomen for all 3 sensors. 2 on the right and 1 on the left. I keep losing the signal even if the devices are nearby. I typically use my android to enter the data for calibrations. This 3rd sensor has been more accurate but it started being off at 10 am today, was off by I believe 60 pts or so. Said I was low, 60 something but I was 130. Then when I entered data, it asked to do it agin in 15 min, I did 2 more times and it never worked again…

I didn’t think I could wear it on my arm since I am too old for it.

Now it just started working again after being down for 7 plus hours. The receiver just said warm up successful…hmmmmm. I should not have to do any calibrations . I was told that if it is within 30 pts under 100 and 30% over 100 not to enter data for a calibration. Correct. It seems to run on the low side

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