G6 Sensor Calibration

I just replaced my G6 sensor yesterday using the usual process and since then, I have been prompted several times to calibrate my BGL with a finger stick. In all the years I have been using Dexcom sensors, I have never been asked to do this before. Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

@funk I had something similar happen a month or so ago. I researched it a found one explanation that if the sensor is changed quickly, within the 5 minute post of a reading via BT, the transmitter can “think” it somehow screwed up and needs a calibration and goes into a do loop of asking for it up to several times a day, including thru the night. (I’m sure there’s better words and verbs for an accurate description.) Since then, I’ve intentionally taken at least 5 minutes to do a change of sensor/transmitter and haven’t had the problem recur.

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@funk this has happened occasionally to me as well - maybe 5% of the time. Once it was when I was putting in a new transmitter. I don’t know why, but like @tomh I think the system goes into some wierd loop.

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Try entering the calibrated number two times in row to see if it stops it. If it keeps doing it and is annoying, you might consider restarting it to see if it helps.

Thanks everyone. I entered it twice last night when prompted so fingers crossed!!

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If you used the sensor code when you started the sensor but it’s asking you to calibrate 2x daily, then it’s in “No Code” mode.

Call Dexcom and will replace the sensor for you.

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I was only being asked once a day, not twice. I did not use “no code” mode as I took a pic of the code number with my Iphone and it was accepted (green check mark)

I did end up contacting Dexcom and they asked me when I first set up the new sensor was I asked to calibrate twice? I said no as the app accepted the photo of the code I took. They said that this was a clear malfunction of the sensor and they replaced it right away. My new sensor is behaving beautifully!!