Dexcom g6 and smart watch configuration

Hi I recenly bought an amazefit for my son to use as a smart watch for his dexcom phone information as i thought it connected straight away - but it doesnt. So i then bought a Samsung Galaxy watch to match the phone but it on the wrong operating system. Any ideas on do i follow the You Tube on how to hack the galaxy watch or I think i read somewhere the xdrip does interface with the Amazefit Gtr Se. Any help gratefully received


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I found this link with steps for Amazefit and xDrip that may work in your case.

I use a Fitbit with data from xDrip and so easy to flick my wrist to see key data.

There are several topics here with instructions on installing xDrip if you decide to try it.

if you bought a galaxy watch 4 or 5(wearos operating system), you should be able to use xdrip, as mm2 stated, however, its a little more difficult now, and you will need to download the apks separately and install them using wear installer…also doing this at home using wifi is easier, but as mm2 said, you can usually find tutorials on your exact setup, many users here will also create a nightscout account for remote following, but im pretty sure you can still use the dexcom follow option