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Good stuff, thanks for posting!

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Thanks for great links!

It’s quite interesting that Abbot has all these plans for sending glucose data over Bluetooth with the Libre 2, but still requires the user to scan the device to view a number. I wonder if this is some kind of marketing trick or if there a regulatory hurdle in the way.


Could also be a patent issue

Good point. That makes a lot more sense.

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What I’d like to know is why Insulet can’t develop both Android and Apple apps at the same time…sigh…


Because Apple is amazing, and Android sucks, (says the Apple fanboy)

Actually, not really sure why they don’t develop both, but I think that Apple is easier because there are less versions available, I think Android presents some difficulties in the large number of versions and hardware it could run on.


I think that is the reason Dexcom gave for not coming out w/ an Android version right away. The kink above says Insulet will probably release an Android version first though. That is a switch if true!


Ouch! Just remember…Apple is AOL98 for today’s users. You can only play with the toy the way we say you can play with the toy, because you aren’t smart enough to avoid all the bad stuff on the real Internet…lol

That said, Apple does do a great job of keeping their OS from becoming too fractured like Android ( says the Linux fanboy)