New Bluetooth insulin pen

Diatribe just reported that it got approved by the FDA:

It is a Bluetooth pen that comes with an iOS app – therefore continuing the trend of iOS apps without a companion Android app. My understanding is that it is hard to get an Android app approved by the FDA, due to the variety of Android flavors.

The app comes with bolus calculator etc. The pen is only good for a year. Battery probably?

I like the idea of an automatic reporting pen. But I don’t like to buy throwaway gear :slight_smile:

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Companion Medical’s reusable Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pen and paired Apple iOS smartphone app. A launch is expected in 2017, likely including Android, too.

Probably as likely as the Dexcom Android app :angry:


I spoke to the company about it in March, referenced in this thread:

Been waiting for the approval from the FDA. I have been looking forward to it.

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This wouldn’t be super useful for Samson on the pump, but I could see it being helpful if we want to make sure insulin was actually given for a bolus by a caregiver, in some weird event where Samson wasn’t using his pump. Of course, that would require some remote monitoring or access to the data.