In pen App approved for Android

Companion Medical announced today that the FDA has provided clearance for an Android app for their Bluetooth Smart insulin pen, the InPen. It is scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter of this year. Great news for Android users on MDI.


Have you purchased the InPen, or are you planning to get it?

The idea sounds great, but it seemed a bit pricey to me.

I think it was something like several hundred dollars for one year for the pen and app, or something in that ballpark. Do you have specifics on the price?

@Eric I’ll probably look over the app when it comes out for Android and decide if it fits into my flow before purchasing the pen. I have no idea what it costs or if it’s covered by insurance.

Edit: I just looked and it’s $549 without insurance. Pretty pricey if you ask me.

Man if I wasn’t on medicaid I’d be all about this thing , it sounds so cool. It’d go hand in hand with the Contour Next One, I’d have it all on my phone then lol.

That’s too much for me.

I just checked and Amazon has something that will perform a similar function, but it is not as fancy or automated.

But it is much much cheaper. Here it is:

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Just try connecting that pen and paper to the cloud and you will find out what expensive is. /sarc