Cool Tech for MDI Patients. Warning - Europe Only -

Here is a cool insulin pen that doses in 0.1 unit increments and is compatible with everyone’s (4 companies) insulin pen cartridges.

Seems pretty cool for those on MDI that want the ability to microdose. It is a bit expensive at 169 Euro’s, but I know of no other tool with these options.


Dang. If only we knew somebody who was in Europe right now…


Sounds great! We should have it over here in about 3-4 years. Thanks FDA.


We’ll see if we can get one :slight_smile:

[EDIT] It appears they don’t require a prescription. They also ship internationally btw, per the FAQs!

We are moving from place to place all summer, but we are sttling down for a few months in Sept, so we will try to order one then and test it for the community :slight_smile:

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I was just teasing you of course! But it does seem like a cool gadget to try. Let us know what you think.

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I sent a message asking if they can ship to the united states, will let everyone know the results.

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I use a diluted Lilly pen for microdosing with a pen. It’s not as fancy, but if it’s something that would help, you can do it that way too.

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Yes, I am aware of the option, it just seems that 0.1 unit dosing from a Pen would be much easier than diluting and make the pain of MDI vs Pump much more interesting.

As a trained chemist (not currently working in the area) I am more than comfortable diluting, but the ease of the pen is great.


What do you think the accuracy would be with a 0.1 unit dose from a pen? That seems like a tough thing to manufacture in such a small device. Maybe if you still have access to your scale, at some point you can test that. :grinning:

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I would love to test it. I am interested in the accuracy. Because the German’s are building it, I would think it is pretty good.



This is now supported by xDrip+ now, too:)

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@Trying Great to see you!

I’m trying to get one to try with xDrip+. We’ve almost got 100% automatic logging.


Is there any way to order a Pendiq in North America?

I emailed Pendiq to inquire if they would ship to North America. I am assuming they have CE to sell in Europe, if so, it might be possible in Canada, but I am guessing that they cannot ship to the US. Will update once they reply.

Awesome, thanks!

Yes, my capture rate is typically near 100%, too, except when sensor is dying. Are you referring to 100% capture rate with the pendiq?

Small boluses is one of the reason I switched to the pump, so this pen seems perfect for MDI surfing.

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I’d be interested in trying this as well!


Well, it is as I expected. They are unable to deliver to the US. :frowning:

That’s too bad. These look super cool!!! Maybe they’ll come to the U.S. eventually.

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Not specifically related to this pen, but to smart pens in general…

With them being (usually) Bluetooth connected to a phone and app, how does the system tell whether you’ve injected insulin, or whether you’ve just done a small shot (maybe a 1-2 units) to clear out any air bubbles in the cartridge? I often will inject a really small amount like 2 units, but I would “use” 4 in total for that with the 2 units dialled for bubble clearance.

I just can’t work out how it does it, or if you are not actually supposed to clear out the needle/bubbles in this way with these pens.

Does anyone know? Thanks

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