D drawer and Go-Bag

I’ve been putting off opening 2 boxes of G6 and tandem stuff. I’m not sure how I got so much ahead but I have 18 sensors and 3 transmitters. 12 + 2 transmitters in the D drawer and 6 sensors and 1 transmitter in my GoBag.

Then 30 sets in the drawer with 8 in the GoBag.

Here’s the GoBag

One side pocket has cartridges and syringes, the other has insulin syringes.

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.


Sharp looking, @CarlosLuis!

That’s a good reminder for me, I gotta renew all the stuff in mine. I do that about once-a-year.


Many years ago when I was a young and easily impressionable young man I had a crush on a young woman a couple of years older than me. Of course she knew, they always know.

She got her first job out of university running a small department store, and would use my starry eyed devotion by offering me a bit of contract labor. It was always fronting stock, especially greeting cards.

For some reason fronting stock has stayed with me. I do it in supermarkets and at home.

My GoBag gets the newest supplies with the oldest in front of the D Drawer and the rest of the new in the rear.

It’s probably not necessary with sets and sensors in a climate controlled house. The big concern with them is degradation of the adhesives. Transmitters are best used oldest first as the battery will lose charge over time.

BTW - I. Still have fond feelings for that young woman and I was aware of what she was doing. The work was worth it to be with her, oh and I got paid.