My work uses UHC for private health insurance. For prescriptions, we currently use Express Scripts, but in January they are switching to CVS/Caremark.

Anyone have any experience with them?

I’m spoiled because we have a special rider program that gives me free diabetes supplies through the medication side:

Dexcom G6 stuff, Omnipod stuff, Insulin (humalog/lilly products)

Right now Express Scripts ships it all to me, and if I have a problem, I can call a special # I was given to speak with an actual English speaking pharmacist that is familiar with everything diabetic.

I hope I can find a similar back door for CVS/Caremark, because express scripts normal customer service SUCKS.


Good luck… years ago I had a similar deal with cvs/caremark. Needed to use mail order, and order together once every 90 days to get “diabetic kit” pricing. And some dumb rule that if they didn’t follow, it wouldn’t price correctly. Had to include insulin in order.

Hope it transfers intact.

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We have only used CVS and our problems typically occur when the doctor hasn’t put in the correct prescription. We don’t have a problem with cvs and have a good relationship with the pharmacist.

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I hope so. We currently use CVS itself but miss Walgreens. There are 3 walgreens close but only 1 CVS close.

Anyone familiar with the caremark side of the house? And how they compare to Express Scripts? I hope this is as seamless as possible and with same or similar formulary/costs but they won’t tell us yet.

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We use caremark with cvs and it’s been relatively painless.

For hardware d supplies, I use CCS Medical. they ship everything from sensors to pump supplies. But for insulin, I use CVS.

I have been using CVS for years now, and I find that they can vary from one pharmacy to the next. but, no worries, bc they are everywhere, and it is highly likely that you will find one with “an English speaking pharmacist” who can be caring and helpful. the CVS I use has a team who all know me and know all of my needs. they are patient and kind and responsible and trustworthy.

good luck. I wish you all the best with a smooth transition.

CVS Caremark has always allowed me to get regular “maintenance” medications (insulin, sensors, strips) in a 3 month supply directly from a CVS pharmacy. Several years back my insurance plan let me get reseviors and infusion sets from them - I LOVED THAT! I have NEVER used their mail order service.

The Rx’s are on automatic 90 day refills. I get a text when they are in, and I pick them up at the pharmacy. I really prefer the local personal connection with 1 pharmacist (I actually see him more often than I see my doctor):

  1. If there is a problem with a prescription they don’t keep at the store, as long the corrected order is put in by 3pm, they have it by the next day. Mail order can’t fix things that quickly.

  2. When the doctor’s office submits something incorrectly, he tells them they made an error, or calls to let me know. He doesn’t blindly fill it and tell me “well that’s what the doctor prescribed,” like I have experienced so often with mail order service.

  3. A while back, the doctor’s office made an error with a prescription just before the office closed over a long weekend. The insurance wouldn’t accept it, but my pharmacist gave me enough to make sure I was covered until it could be straightened out the next week. I couldn’t have gotten that level of service from mail order.