Crazies in Michigan Scaring the Virus

Speaking of crazies, apparently you don’t need a mask at all, as long as your gun is big enough, and/or you have a MAGA hat and shirt: (AP photo from Washington and Michigan protests). Surely that’s enough to scare any virus, isn’t it?

So maybe the admins can explain why the first pic is NOT political but the second one is? In fact the first is clearly political, since it is about a POLITICAL CANDIDATE. And that pic was not deleted or moved to the Politics area.

In contrast the second is not POLITICAL - it is a real photograph of real people in my country who are ignorant of doctors and ignorant of the purposes of wearing a mask. So why do you allow the first, but delete a post making a joke with the second.

And don’t pretend that it is not censorship when you delete posts and move them to an area that can only be seen by opting in. It is censorship, and ironically this forum was started supposedly because other diabetes forums were too heavily censored. Maybe its time for some self reflection on the purpose of this forum if it isn’t to allow the free exchange of ideas.

Let me make it clear - when I look at the second picture, I see people that I consider unambiguously crazy. So why can’t I make fun of that?

That’s me with the mask on in the second row.

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We didn’t move the post because of the picture, but rather the comments that went with it. We moderate with a light hand, but we do moderate. And since you have been here for a while, you probably understand that we are clamping down on political comments like the one you are currently using in these posts which have the effect of inciting others. This one will now be moved to your thread in the politics section.

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I don’t like these people being labeled “crazies” in this thread topic. Standing up for your rights and peacefully armed gathering to protest the govt isn’t crazy to me.

When other groups make their silly symbolic gestures like wearing their vagina hats and marching around or gathering in groups to scream at the sky at the top of their lungs its somehow stunning and brave…

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Should it be relabeled ‘protesters’?

Terrorists is more accurate, though, when you are protesting with guns and do so to extent where you force the legislature to shut down due to safety concerns.

Also if the folks on the right are free to call those of us on the left “deranged” on this board, I see no reason @jag1 shouldn’t call other people crazies. Isn’t the point of the politics threads that people are allowed to be disrespectful if they feel like it?

There’s nothing wrong with him having that opinion, or you from yours… or mine from mine. I don’t fear other people’s ideas, I’m just pointing out a difference


True about the label; it’s akin to “deplorables” as a provocation. An insult, not a statement of fact.

Yet I do have an issue with weapons carried in a peaceful civilian protest. It’s lacking the element of discipline, so it’s not merely a strong statement of feelings, it’s an actual threat. Insufficiently trained groups can fall into or be baited into mob behavior. Even groups with training, discipline, and rules of engagement can cross the line, like at Kent State. By contrast, brandishing a pink hat…

Keep in mind, you are talking to someone who has literally used to word “deranged” not just to talk about people in abstract that he disagrees with, but in reference to some of us on this board, and has argued that it is ok to call us deranged because he claims he thinks it’s fact (despite in no way having any qualifications it seems for judging anyone else’s psychological fitness). @Sam and others seem perfectly comfortable with provocation and insults, when they are the ones lobbing them.

I haven’t used the word “deranged” to refer to any person. I have used it to refer to a syndrome… granted not a real medical syndrome, but a cultural one that I’m actually quite an expert on.