Share:Politics Settings Re-muted for Everyone

As many of you have seen recently we took the unusual action to unlist a thread for one day. That was a thread that started out in a normal way, but turned political at some point. In the process of moving the political content to the Share:Politics Category we found that previous settings were not behaving as expected. After some back and forth with the settings, we have taken the unusual step of re-muting the politics subcategory for everyone. If you are interested in participating in the political discourse on our site feel free to unmute the politics subcategory and continue posting.

As a reminder, as a moderator team we are not going to undertake normal moderation for name calling or other perceived slights unless they rise to a high level in this one subcategory. If you are not interested in this type of discussion, please keep the politics subcatory muted and ignore. We are here to discuss diabetes and diabetes related topics, and we have seen in the past that the vast ideological divisions in our society and community divide rather than unite. Our site is her to unite diabetics and their families, please keep this in mind.

If you are interested in seeing the political discussion please unmute the politics subcategory by selecting Share from the all categories drop down, then select Politics in the second dropdown, finally go to the greyed out bell on the right side of the page and click this to unmute the subcategory.

If you enjoy torturing people by name calling instead of refuting others points with thoughtful discussion, please stay away from this area. As a site we just don’t have the resources to moderate spiteful discussions that aren’t going to change minds.


Well said, @Chris. I haven’t read any of it but I can understand the gist by your explanation!


Thank you! It bothers me that national politics has to be front and center almost everywhere on line…it tends to crowd everything else out.