Charging Tandem while wearing it

I feel really weird about sitting here having my morning coffee while plugged into a wall…. This is creepy!!

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I charge while in the shower. If the battery is low, I will occasionally charge while driving, but that is rare.

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Try a portable charger, like this. It might not feel as creepy.


I have something similar for my phone for camping.


I use a usb battery pack. The pump is clipped to my belt and the pack in a pocket. Works very well.

Edited to add, I use a Mophie 5,200 mah pack. It can charge my pump several times before needing to be charged again.


A 10000 mAh power bank isn’t needed and could be a PITA to carry with you. I have several, but they are for my phone and Chrome tablet if there’s a power outage for more than a day. Normally these get charged next to me when I’m watching TV.

A 90 minute charge is suppose to be enough for a completely drained battery. Micro USB isn’t rated above 2A, Li-Ion batteries don’t accept full current once they approach +70% charge and shouldn’t be fully discharged or charged. To provide 4 years of warranty coverage, the battery is probabably protected from both. So a very high estimate would be 1.5 hours x 2000mA. imo, a good 2000 mAh power bank should be adequate for between infusion set changes.

There are “breakaway” microUSB power cord adapters that are magnetically connected. You could use these inline with your charger(s) . Wouldn’t help with the weirdness, but could be more convenient.


I also like Anker products. Never buy cheap, low quality lithium batteries.

While I also have and use some of the larger 10,000 and 20,000 mAhr products for phones or when I am off the grid for an extended period, if you are only using it for your pump, you can easily use one of the smaller Anker products.

For example, the Anker lipstick-style 3350 mAhr device will charge your pump several times and is about the size of a roll of quarters. They also make a 5000 mAhr lipstick-style unit.

Here is a link to the Anker site for the Power Core 5000:

Both of them will easily fit in a pocket. You can buy them directly from Anker or from other online retailers.

When it needs to be recharger, it is plugged into a wall outlet … but you aren’t while you are charging your pump from it.

Note: if you travel with it, it needs to be on your person or in your carry on bag. Lithium batteries aren’t allowed in checked baggage.

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Good to know! Some of the information you provided is totally news to me.



That’s the beauty of this site, none of us know it all, but together we can learn from each other. We are a gestalt,


If you aren’t always learning something new there is very little point to being alive.