New Omnipod PDM

I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before, but I am guessing that the new PDMs will require daily(ish) charging. Is that right? That would be a major regression over the pdms with batteries. I carry an extra set of AAAs with me everywhere (in my trusty PDM/meter case) for the times when I need to change them on the run, but I guess we’re outta luck if the charge runs down on the PDM while out?

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I agree that recharging does kinda suck. But the basal will keep going as long as the pod is active, even if the PDM dies. So the only thing missing will be bolus, which having an emergency pen will cover.

It would be good to have a charger in your car, one in your purse, and if you are not sure that you will have access to voltage, a spare battery pack charger.

But in answer to your post, yes, the charging thing will kind of suck. Not sure how long the PDM will last. Hopefully longer than a normal phone charge.



The Tandem is rechargeable, right? How does that work out for you? Charge at night? No troubles?

I carry around one of those 10,000 mAh batteries to recharge my phone and watch that I use for CGM when I am going to be away from power for a long time (i.e. long distance travel etc.)

I don;t find it to be too much of a pain, but it does fill a bit weird having to regularly recharge when you never had to and could carry around a couple of AAA batteries as a back-up.


No issues. But no - not at night. Tandem advises not to do this as it could get the charging cord tangled in the bed.

Actually the easiest approach is charge while you are in the shower.

It runs down maybe 15% of the battery per day - more or less? So one charge could last about a week if you don’t charge it at all?

And using the portable battery to charge it on the fly is very easy if needed. I like the portable USB battery as a nice backup option.

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