OmniPod Dash

Anyone in this forum lucky enough to be chosen to try out the new OmniPod Dash system? If so, what are your thoughts?

No, I have not tried it. But I am not really too keen on it. Doesn’t seem to offer any new functionality, and it removes the BG meter.

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Not yet.

My only interest in the DASH is the ability to integrate with an APS (Automated Pancreas System).

I am one of those people who like buttons to push and not touchscreens so I am on the fence if I will be happy with it.

The other thing is battery life - I know when I go away from electricity it can be a pain to charge my smart watch and my phone which I use for my CGM and sometimes I just go CGM free for a while or only charge my smart watch as the phone is an energy hog.

I am worried about battery life on the cell phone and how much energy it will eat.

But enough about worries… I should not knock it until I try it :slight_smile:


Portable solar panel?

Or even easier and more effective a portable battery.

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Completely agree. I’m a little disappointed that the BG meter was removed, but the new interface seems to be a little more user friendly. On top of that, OmniPod is supposably partering up with Tidepool Loop and gearing more towards a close loop.

I am just complaining here :slight_smile: - but in the current PDM a pair of AA batteries lasts me more than a month (I actually have no idea how long they last but it is a long time) and I can carry a spare set of AA batteries that do not weigh much. So I have no worries about running out of PDM power away from the grid.

I am just worried about moving to a phone where I need to recharge a battery all the time to be able to use my pump. Please note that this is just an irrational fear at this time :crazy_face:

Right now for hiking or travelling off-grid, I have a 10,000 mAh lithium Ion portable battery which usually lasts me for about 3 days to charge my watch and my phone. It works well and but it weighs in at about 350g which adds weight to the pack when I am hiking. Not a huge complaint.

My Samsung S5 has a 2800 mAh battery which I end up needing to recharge once a day if I use continuously, so I usually just leave my phone off and only use my watch to stretch the life of the portable battery.

I live in a cloudy place :slight_smile: so solar is not a great option.


I looked into portable solar panels but cost has been a barrier for me. And then generally take hours to charge a phone. If you are in the woods, you would need to find a sunny place and sit there for hours which may not work well.

But, I am excited to try it out an prove my worries wrong.


I agree with what you are saying. It’s not irrational.

This is an entire year’s power supply for the current PDM. Only about $12, and you can get them almost anywhere. Even if you are in an airport you could buy them, much easier than trying to find an available power outlet at busy times.


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Another option:

4 x AA
1.6 ounces (presumed empty)
= = = =
Pack whatever AA batteries you want.
The Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA seem to have a substantially better weight to power ratio than the regular alkaline


Are we talking Omnipod PDM? If so it’s 2 AAA batteries.


The current PDM is, but the new PDM will be rechargeable with a USB cable.

So the question will be how long a charge lasts, and being able to find a place to recharge it when you need to.

The link Thomas gave is for a recharger that uses AA batteries, which you could then use to recharge the new PDM.

It’s like the Escher stairs. Instead of putting disposable batteries directly into the PDM, you put batteries into a recharger and recharge the rechargeable PDM with disposable batteries…


I am so busy that I cannot keep track of all those A’s :joy:

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Its been a while for updates to this thread - can anyone provide feedback on using Omnipod Dash for more than 2 weeks?
Any reason not to switch over?

Is this a fair summary?

Followers can see omnipod data like bolus or suspend remotely and in real time
Followers can see omnipod data like active basal plan remotely
Easier to create/edit the basal plans (less than 200 button press :slight_smile: )

Switch from AAA batteries to USB


If you’re interested in diy looping, the new dash pods won’t work, only the older pre-dash ones.


My area has a new rep and she has called and emailed me to inquire whether I’d want to switch from the “classic” pod to the DASH. Anyone have any recent experiences to report? Doesn’t seem like there’s any real advantage at this point, especially since I do use the built-in test meter in the “classic”. Haha, reminds of “new” and “old” coke ads! :crazy_face:


I use Loop which only works with the old Eros pods, not the Dash, so I personally wouldn’t switch. I hope Insulet is not planning to stop support for the old pods!,