New gear for pump users

A lot of people are now using pumps which no longer use replaceable batteries (like the old-school PDM’s). It struck me that one possibly troubling issue is being away from home without the ability to recharge.

I found this out one time when I was in San Francisco (also got to visit with @elver :partying_face:), and was visiting the city. I was using my phone for Looping.

All great, except I was taking a lot of pictures and making a lot of calls, and my phone battery was dying. :grimacing:

So that got me thinking about a very small carry kit for trips that are like a day away from your house. Not overnight, or short trips to a restaurant, but if you are going to be away for several hours.

Since so many people are using Loop, or the new OmniPod “phone” PDM, or Tandem pumps which require charging, this is what I came up with…

This very small kit has a charger - which can be used for any pump, you just need the right cable. This is the smallest charger I could find. It’s about the size of a credit card, and only 1/4" thick!

In addition to the charger and cable, the kit also has a small vial that can hold 200 units of insulin, 2 syringes, spare test strips and lancet, 4 alcohol swabs just in case, and a glucagon kit (I discovered today that this glucagon had expired, so I will need to get that replaced).

All of it fits inside a case that is ridiculously small - 4" x 2.5" x 1". :open_mouth:

I will add Amazon links below this post, for everything you need to make one if you are interested.


This is the case:

This is the mini-vial I am using (200 units size):

These are the sleeves I used to hold the mini-vial and for my test strips and lancet. (I just used a chapstick tube to hold the lancet and strips.)

Here is the charger:

The only other thing you need is the cable. I am not posting a link for that because all of the different phones and pumps have different cable types. :man_shrugging:

Let me know if you have any questions about it.


Thank you! This is very helpful. I haven’t been traveling much since covid but this is perfect for a day trip.

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