Can’t log into Dexcom while using Heroku and Nightscout - Possible Solution Provided

After the hassles I had today with getting a Transmitter/Sensor to work, I was finally able to reset the last transmitter and its working now. The problem I’m having now…and I’ve never had this issue before, is that I can’t log into Dexcom on browser or the app. Here’s what I see when I attempt to log in.

“The maximum number of login attempts of 5 has been exceeded. Please try again in 10 minutes.”

I have done 2 reset passwords and have been given the message “Password reset successfully”. I’ve verified I know my username (which I had no doubt I knew…same as my pwd.)

But no matter how long I wait, I get this message on the very first login attempt. I called Dexcom twice…first time the guy put me on hold and then I was disconnected. Second time the rep said she hadn’t seen it before and put me on hold to talk to a manager then she came back and first said all the servers appear to be up and running fine, then she said I should uninstall the dexcom G5 mobile app and re-install, then try again. I said…“Uh…that wouldn’t explain why I can’t login on the PC web browser.” Then she actually said “I’m being told this just sometimes happens and you should wait a few hours and try again.”


Anyone ever encounter this and were you able to fix it anyway or is it something that will eventually just fix itself (hours/days)…the explanation they gave me just had me scratching my head…this is TECHNICAL SUPPORT…I’m surprised I wasn’t told it was voohoo or black magic.

Anyway, thought I’d ping the smartest D-community in the world.

What this is mainly impacting is my ability to use SugarMate since I need to be logged in…also the G5 mobile app sharing doesn’t work until I log in.


I’ve don’t recall ever having that issue. Try clearing your browser cache?

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Yeah. It’s a problem on multiple platforms (G5 Mobile App + browsers). Very strange. I’m going to try it again at bedtime to give it 4 or 5 hours hopefully to reset. I like to have SugarMate alarms during the night and w/o being able to log into to Dexcom, can’t make use of it.


@ClaudnDaye I’m no expert, but that sounds like a cache\server issue.

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I was finally able to figure out what was causing it. So, I at first thought maybe it was SugarMate making repeated calls to the login info since we all connect as followers to Liams G5 Mobile app. But after removing that data it still didn’t work. Then I asked on the Looped group and one of the users helped me figured it out.

So, Heroku was making calls to Nightscout that was locking the Dexcom accounts. The two configuration variables were making continued attempts to login and was locking me before I was ever able to manually attempt the log in.


After I removed the variables, everything started working again almost immediately.

Making sure to get this info here in case there is anyone else in the future that has this problem!


Great investigation and resolution! Thanks for posting!!


So to be clear, the fix is as follows:

Procedure :
Delete the actual bridge variables in Heroku, save, reset Dexcom pwd, log into dexcom, change Dexcom password, add back the Heroku bridge variables with the correct info, save, done.