Bought an iPhone 11 Pro not realizing the 12 is coming out soon! Doh

So stupid me bought the iPhone 11 Pro not knowing the 12 is coming out soon. Can’t decide to return it and wait or keep it? I am going to watch the apple event on the 13th then decide. What you all think?

The iphone 12 Pro has a bigger battery (3046 vs 4044 mAh), little bit better camera, and some more RAM. But they both use the same chipset. The 12 is going to be in a bigger display (5.8" vs 6.0").

Seems like pretty similar phones, although if they were the same price the 12 would be my choice. If the 12 is more expensive, it would be a hard decision.

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I read something about 3D camera and 5G. To me those are the ones that interest me. I like the size of the phone very much, was worried about that as I moved back from the 8 plus to the 7 just for a smaller phone. Can’t fit an insulin pump, wallet and keys and phone in my pockets. Smaller phone makes it easier. And I hate clips. :slight_smile: