Looping and Apple Watch 6

Apple has the Watch 6 40mm on sale for $374.98 today here
so I bit the bullet and bought it.

For those of you loopers out there, what do I need to learn / know to to get it working on Monday when it arrives? I hear Loop has its own watch face but I’ve also heard of something called complications? I’m brand new to Apple Watches coming from a Huwawei watch 2 (selling btw, so if anyone is interested, PM me) so am totally unfamiliar.

Can you post what you are using watch face wise and where you got it?

I’ve also heard it is a good idea to hook things to sugar mate and turn on a feature where it calls your phone if you go to low/high?

My ultimate wish is to eventually (ie 3 months or less) get an iPhone S12 Pro Plus and go completely Apple but in steps. I’m just too much of an Android fan boy though so I got quite a learning curve.

Any help you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.

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