BG testing machine question

So historically it seemed like the one touch ultra mini machine was somewhat water resistant which I liked.

It seems like the Contour Next fails very quickly with the slightest hint of water.

Does anyone have a blood testing machine recommendation for one that’s a little more on the sturdy side when it comes to water contact and is accurate enough?

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I’m sorry, I don’t have any recommendations. Water is the big nemesis for testing. I think for the most part it’s when the strips get wet.

For the Contour, they also make individually wrapped strips, which helps somewhat.

Can you put the meter in a waterproof container and only take it out when you want to use it, and use the individually wrapped strips?


@Eric good answer, I should’ve thought of it as I have the sealed strips in my bike kit to make more room for food, food, food.BWWWWAAAA HAAHAA!

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thank you.

Waterproof container for the machine is easy to set up

Haven’t tried the individually wrapped strips. I’ll be curious if this helps. Not sure whether the strips or the machine have been the issue, I just remember the Onetouch Ultra Mini working better. They don’t make that machine any more but perhaps the new one is ok too, will have to test.