BG Monitoring Contact Lenses?

Interesting concept

So word on the street is that this is what’s called “slideware” – i.e. a concept that has literally not gotten past the PowerPoint slide presentation state.

All great breakthroughs and new technology start with the Microsoft suite, though. At least they’re using the right software for the job. I just like reading ANY research regarding diabetes and I don’t discount any of it because it could one day help my son. I hope for a cure, but if not, I hope the the best and easiest easiest management possible (for us, but more importantly, for him when he grows up.)


> The sensor is still in the development phase, and it has yet to be attached to a contact lens. Eventually (and ideally), a souped-up version of this device will transmit data via radio frequency (RF) to a receiver.

Sounds promising!

I read about this a while back. Would be so cool.